When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 404

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 404

The red button was an alarm button. It was connected to Mike. If Hayden pressed the button. it would send Mike his location. Mike would also call the police if he pressed the button.

If Hayden had not been forced to act, he would not have gone up against Elliot! Elliot made him do it.

“Hayden…” After Avery was in bed, she anxiously called out to him.

Hayden immediately came over to her bed and held her hand. “Mommy, don’t be afraid, I’m here.”

Avery looked anxious and said to him, “Hayden, I can’t really move right now. I’ll return home once I’m better. When Elliot comes by later, I’ll get him to arrange for a driver to send you home. You have to be good and listen—”

Hayden frowned. “Mommy, don’t ask him for help! I want to go back home with you! I promised Layla that I would bring you home!”

“I can’t move right now-”

“I’ve already called the police. They will bring us home.”

Avery’s brows fluttered. She looked behind Hayden. Elliot was standing by the door!

He had overheard what Hayden had said a moment ago. Avery immediately pulled Hayden closer to her. Hayden did not understand Avery’s reaction, he looked behind him in the direction in which his mother was looking at.

When he saw Elliot’s cold face, Hayden said loudly, as if he was afraid that no one would hear him, “I’ve called the police!”

“Hayden, stop talking!” Avery was afraid that Hayden would aggravate Elliot.

The bruise on Hayden’s neck constantly reminded her that she could not be reckless before leaving this place! She could d*e here, but she could not let Hayden d*e here!

Elliot entered with a darkened expression.

“Don’t you dare test my patience!” He looked at Hayden’s face and said slowly and clearly,” Leave! If not, I’ll throw you in the forest to feed the wolves!”

Avery’s breathing turned heavy. “Elliot! He is only a five-year-old child! Why are you so violent with children!”

“I don’t like children! Especially this son that you adopted! I hate him the most!”

“He is only worried about me, so he came looking for me! If that is wrong, then it’s my fault!” Avery choked and sobbed, “Send someone to send him home! I’ve already spoken to him. He won’t come again!”

“Didn’t he call the police? The police will naturally send him home!” Elliot said coldly. He turned to look at Hayden. “The fire at the back of the hill. You did it, right?”

Hayden looked up. “Yes!”

“Heh! Even if you didn’t d*e by my hands today, you’ll be in prison in the future!” said Elliot before he left.

The doctor hid in the corner, not daring to say a single word.

After Elliot had left, he approached them with a bottle of medicine.

“Miss Tate, is this your son?” The doctor was trying hard to find something to talk about.”. How amazing! He could actually come all the way here.”

Avery took a deep breath and said, “Doctor, please help treat the bruises on his neck, thank you.”

Then only the doctor noticed the bruises on Hayden’s neck.

“Oh, okay. How did this happen?”

Avery did not reply. Hayden also pursed his lips, looking cold.

The doctor coughed dryly. “Kid, I can see that you hate Mr. Foster, but he won’t hurt your mother. The injury on your mother’s leg was because a wolf bit her in the forest.”

“Then, what about her forehead?” Hayden asked.

Before the doctor could reply, Avery said, “Hayden, I did it to myself.”

She did not want to intensify the resentment between Hayden and Elliot. Hayden did not have the power to fight back at that moment. Offending Elliot would only get him k****d.