When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 405

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Chapter 405 The incident that day was a painful lesson! Avery could not let her son directly go up against Elliot anymore.

“But you wouldn’t get injured for no reason. It must be him…” Hayden deduced, furrowing his brows.

“I wanted to see you and Layla badly last night, so I ran out alone. But I met with a wolf on the way,” Avery explained. “Go tell Uncle Mike and Layla that I’m fine. I don’t want them to worry about me, okay?”

Hayden nodded, not fully convinced.

“Mommy, are you really not coming back with me? The police can take us home.”

“My leg hurts badly. I’ll return home once it gets better.”

“Oh, Mommy, don’t run around. If the outside is so dangerous, just stay indoors. We will find a way to rescue you.”

Avery nodded in relief. “Hayden, I’m very happy that you came to look for me, but, if there are any more situations like this in the future, don’t come. You’re still so small. If anything were to happen to you, I’d be very sad!”

Hayden said stubbornly, “If something were to happen to you, what would happen to me and Layla? If there is a next time, I’ll still come looking for you.”.

Avery’s eyes grew hot and wet. “There won’t be the next time.”

“Mommy, please stay further away from him in the future… He is sick.”

Avery thought that Hayden only said that because Elliot had almost strangled him to d***h.

“He won’t harm me. You and Layla need to stay away from him. Hayden, I told you and Layla that last year, didn’t I? Don’t go too close to him. Were you not listening to me?”

Hayden lowered his head.

“You and Layla are my most precious darlings. My biggest wish in life is to see you and your sister grow up healthy,” Avery murmured. “So you have to remember what I told you.”

Hayden nodded, depressed.

An hour later, the police arrived at the mansion in the forest. Hayden got into the car.

“Big H, where is your mother?” Mike had come with the police. All that had happened after the police had spoken to Elliot’s bodyguard was that the police had escorted Hayden to the car.

Just like that?

“Mommy’s leg was injured. She can’t move right now.” Hayden sounded a little down. He had wanted to take Avery home.

“How did your mom get hurt? Is it serious?” “She was bitten by a wolf.” Mike scanned his surroundings. “D**n! Wolves? Are there wolves here? Is the wolf actually Elliot in disguise?” Hayden was speechless.

“Mr. Foster’s bodyguards have told us that Miss Tate went out late at night and was bitten by a wolf. She is being cared for by a doctor. Once she heals, they will send her home,” the policeman said.

Mike exclaimed, “This is preposterous!” Then he saw the bruise on Hayden’s neck. “Big H, what happened to your neck? Who did that to you?”

Hayden did not want to say. His Mommy had got him to quickly leave the place and never see Elliot again. He did not want to disappoint her.

If the next time Elliot saw him and thought of k*****g him again, who was going to look after his Mommy and Layla in the future?

“Elliot, that b*****d! How dare he strangle you! Big H, don’t worry, Avery will never be with him!” Mike said angrily.

Hayden’s eyes reddened. He had almost been k****d by his biological father. It caused him quite some trauma. After all, he was only a five-year-old child.

In the mansion, Avery was lying in bed, being dripped.

Elliot was sitting in the corner of the room, smoking.

From the corner of her eyes, she saw his blurry face through the smoke. “Elliot, have you ever k****d someone?” Avery asked hoarsely after a moment’s hesitation.