When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 408

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 408

She immediately flicked a switch and the light flooded the room.

He was blinded by the sudden light. Filled with sudden annoyance, he slammed the door shut.

Avery looked at him with fear.

His eyes were red from the alcohol. After slamming the door, his long, slender fingers impatiently unbuttoned his shirt.

Avery immediately realized what he intended to do. She was so frightened, that she did not dare breathe.

“Elliot! You’ve entered the wrong room!” She tried to snap him to his senses. “This is my room!”

He stared at her as he walked to the bed. While he walked, he removed his shirt and tossed it to the floor.

“I’m not drunk.” He crawled up the bed and grabbed her injured leg. “Don’t move this leg.”

Avery could not speak. What he said sounded true. He did not appear drunk. He knew she was hurt; why did he want to torture her?!

His warm lips landed on her neck.

Avery smelled the thick, cloying scent of foreign perfume on him. She instantly furrowed her brows.

A few days ago, the nanny said that there was a group of young and pretty ladies at the villa. Those people had stayed there for three days. They had not left the villa during that time.

The foreign perfume Avery smelled on him should be from one of the women in the group.

Even with his shirt off, the scent of perfume was still strong.

Avery pushed his head away in disgust. She said coldly, “Don’t touch me!”

She had interrupted him, and he glared at her.

“You have the scent of another woman on you!” Avery could not control her anger. “You’re a filthy man! Don’t touch me!”

She shoved him away using both her hands.

After three days of rest, she had recovered some of her strength, and she had almost succeeded in pushing Elliot off the bed.

Her words and actions aroused a beastly desire in him.

Supporting himself on one hand, he swiftly undid his belt. Initially, he had approached only with the intention of ma king out with her. He had not intended to go the full nine yards.

However, now, he had to punish her!

“Didn’t you call me a monster? Have you ever seen a monster who isn’t d***y?” His voice was hoarse. He was breathing hard. He grabbed her chin and jerked her face up, forcing her to look at him. “I’m the filthiest man on earth! But that does not stop me from wanting you!”

He had her pinned down, and she could not resist or move.

Tears silently fell from the corner of her eyes. She looked at his face. It was blurry yet clear at the same time!

“Off! Turn off the lights!” she yelled hysterically.

Seeing her anger propelled him to deny her requests.

However, the tears at the corner of her eyes pierced his heart! He flicked the switch, plunging the room in darkness once more.

The room was dark, and the only thing he could hear was her silent sobs, and his heavy breathing

A long moment passed, and the violent storm passed. Elliot began to breathe more calmly.

He lay down next to her and fell into a d**d slumber. She swiped away the tears from the corner of her eyes with her hand.

Then, she shoved him to the side. He lay on his side, next to her. His long arms curled around her waist. It was as if this was the most natural thing in the world.

How comical! He was probably not drunk, and neither had he lost his senses!

Even when he was at his craziest, he still remembered that her leg was injured! Right from the beginning, he placed her injured leg aside. Thus, at that moment, her entire body was sore, but her injured leg felt much more relaxed.

Avery found it hard to stay calm.

Other than the scent of their bodies and sweat, there was also the scent of foreign perfume lingering in the air.

Avery’s body stiffened. A terrifying thought popped into her mind – she was going to k**l him! That way, she would no longer be in pain. Her two children would be safe too! Once this thought appeared, it spread to every nerve in her body. She could not stop its spread.