When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 409

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 409

Avery reached under the pillow and drew out the dagger!

Nick had given her a dagger when she had made her escape. She was to use it to protect herself.

When Elliot had rescued her, she still had the dagger in her hands. Initially, Elliot had wanted to take the dagger; he was afraid that she might try to commit s*****e with it. However, Avery demanded that he give it to her.

Once she had the dagger back, she had stored it under her pillow. The dagger had saved her life before, and it was meaningful to her, so she kept it.

However, never once did she think he would he humiliate her like he had! He had crushed her dignity, and she completely lost it! At that moment, all she wanted to do was k**l him and then k**l herself.

She would k**l him, then k**l herself!

She was a doctor. She knew where to stab for a quick d***h!

Avery grabbed the dagger, and she began to select a vein. She looked at his faced closely.

With the dim light of sunset, she could vaguely see his handsome face.

His eyes were shut, and he was sleeping soundly. The sheets did not cover his neck, and it called out to her..

Avery lifted the dagger with trembling hands.

All she needed to do was make one move, and in half an hour, she would be free!

Just as the dagger was in line with his throat, she lost her nerve.

Did she really want to k**l him? Did he truly deserve to d*e?

By k*****g him, she would d*e too. Could she bear to abandon her two children?

Thoughts flooded her mind, and her eyes felt sore. She did not want to d*e. She could not k**l him, but she also could not bear to stand his endless harassment! Reducing him to a vegetable was the best thing she could do!

However, Avery was not confident that she would be able to turn him into a vegetable without k*****g him. Her breath came out in heavy pants.

She could not go through with the plan! She slowly calmed down.

As she was about to lower the dagger, Elliot opened his eyes.

He saw her holding the dagger above him. He did not need an explanation to figure out what she was trying to do.

He grabbed her hands that were clutching the dagger.

Avery did not expect Elliot to suddenly wake up! She was scared half to d***h. She wanted to explain herself, but her lips merely quivered and no words came out.

“Are you trying to k**l me!?” He looked at her. His voice was rough, and there was a tremble in it. “Avery, are you trying to k**l me?”

Avery felt as if her wrist was about to shatter under his grip!

“Elliot, let go!”

“Are you trying to k**l me to avenge your son!” Elliot could not hear Avery. He was immersed in his endless grief.

Avery could no longer hide nor explain herself.

“Yes! I want to k**l you! Elliot! I have had enough of you torturing me! I can’t live like this anymore!” Avery cried, spilling everything.

“Okay… Okay…” Elliot muttered. He gripped her hands tightly in his and directed the dagger to his heart. “Here. Stab right into it!”

Elliot was not wearing a shirt. His hands were strong!

Avery saw the tip of the dagger cutting through his skin. Blood trickled out!

She was so frightened she sobbed, “Let go! Elliot, let go! I won’t k**l you! I don’t want to k**l you! I don’t want to do it anymore!”

“What are you afraid of? That I’ll turn into a ghost and haunt you?” He pressed the dagger deeper into his chest. Pain spread through him. His voice became a low rasp, “No, I won’t… I won’t look for you… Avery. The next life… I won’t look for you anymore…” Avery was scared out of her wits! She yelled out hysterically, “Someone! Help !”