When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 410

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 410

Avery’s screams brought the bodyguard, who was standing guard outside, bursting into the room!

The lights came on the moment the door to the room flew open.

The bodyguard was bewildered at the sight that met him.

“Doctor! Quick, go get the doctor!” The bodyguard yelled behind him before he sprinted to the bed.

Avery cried, “Get his hand off! Quickly get his hand off!”

The bodyguard had thought that Avery was the one who was trying to k**l Elliot, however, it took him quite a bit of force to pry Elliot’s hand from the dagger.

It was clear that it was Elliot who was gripping the dagger and trying to k**l himself.

In other words, Elliot was committing2d s*****e.

Once the bodyguard managed to pry Elliot’s hand off the dagger, Avery immediately got off the bed.

The doctor rushed over with his medical49 suitcase.

Avery immediately snatched his suitcase and ran over to the bed to stop Elliot’s bleeding!

The doctor was stunned!

“How did Avery run so quickly? Have her legs healed?” he wondered.

“She snatched the medical suitcase! She snatched the medical suitcase!” he realized.

The doctor came to his senses and quickly walked over to the bed.

He was shocked to see the dagger protruding from Elliot’s chest. He was also shocked by how red the sheets were.

“Uh, uh… uh!”

The bodyguard grabbed Avery’s arm with one hand, trying to pull her away, but she shrugged him off with force!

“Miss Tate, are you sure you can do it? Don’t delay his treatment!” The bodyguard furrowed his brows, not trusting her.

Avery’s eyes reddened. She cried in a hoarse voice, “I can stop the bleeding!”

Her voice made Elliot cough suddenly. He had regained consciousness.

He saw Avery. Her face was covered with tears, and she was clutching a medical suitcase in her hand.

He stretched out his hand, trying to push her away. He wanted to d*e! Life was nothing but pain. D***g would end everything.

“Hold him down! All of you hold him down!” Avery pushed Elliot’s hands away and yelled at the bodyguard with tears in her eyes.

When the bodyguard heard what she said, he immediately pinned Elliot’s hands down.

Elliot was so furious he coughed a mouthful of blood. “How dare you!”

The bodyguard was scared half to d***h, and he let go of Elliot. Avery coldly looked at the bodyguard, “Do you want him to d*e! Hold him down!”

Of course, the bodyguard did not want Elliot to d*e, so he obeyed Avery.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Foster. You’re bleeding too much. Let Miss Tate stop your bleeding! Once your wound is dressed, we’ll immediately send you to the hospital!” The bodyguard explained apprehensively

Elliot was breathing heavily. He looked at Avery resentfully. “Don’t pretend to cry. I won’t send anyone to take revenge on you on my behalf. Once I’m d**d you can live in peace,”

Avery ignored Elliot. She grabbed the hilt of the dagger with both hands.

“Elliot, what happens next might hurt a little. Bear with me!” She inhaled and looked at him.

Elliot’s face was pale and weary from all the blood he lost!

His eyes were cold and filled with despair. They were wet with tears, though no tears escaped them.

He had always been that way. He only showed his strongest side.

Avery gritted her teeth and yanked the dagger out! Instantly, blood splattered everywhere!

She immediately began to compress the wound. Satisfied with the slower blood flow, she applied some medication and bound the wound.

When she finished the emergency dressing, she looked at him once again. She did not know when he had passed out.

The thorns around him had wilted, leaving him fragile. “Quickly, send him to the hospital!” Avery took a deep breath and yelled in a hoarse voice.