When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 412

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 412

Avery saw the news on her screen. She began to hyperventilate.

“Has Elliot died?

“How could that be? How could he have died so easily?” she thought.

She had stopped his bleeding. The helicopter had taken him directly to the hospital. They would have rushed him to the emergency room, so how could they not have successfully resuscitated him?

“Could he have moved about on the helicopter and tore the bandages? Or did he not allow the doctor to save him once he reached the hospital?” she wondered.

Avery sniffled. She could not stop her tears from falling.

No matter what had happened, Elliot was d**d! He was d**d!

The doctors could rescue a patient in danger, but they could not resurrect the d**d!

Last night, when she had wanted to m****r him, she had thought that k*****g him would set her free, but why was her heart aching so badly now that she got news of his d***h?

On the internet, other media outlets began publishing their own takes on his d***h.

[Tribute to Elliot Foster: A Legend Has Fallen!]

[Sterling Group: What Would Happen to the Empire That Elliot Foster Built From Scratch?]

[Elliot Foster: His Success and Sadness!]

[Conspiracy Behind Elliot Foster’s D***h?]

[Elliot Foster’s Mother Passed Away Four Days Ago. He Has Followed Her. What Will Happen to the Fosters?]

A series of eye-catching headlines had been published. It shocked everyone!

Henry kept calling Elliot on the phone, but he could not get through. He did not know how to verify the truth of the news on the internet.

Henry’s wife was rather excited. “Henry, if your brother died, do you think we will get some of his inheritance ? Didn’t you say that he previously left some for his mother in his will? Now that she is d**d, will we get the money?”

Henry glared at his wife. “My mother has just died, and now my brother too is gone! Yet, all you care about is money?!”

“What else can I care for then? He’s d**d! It was not me who k****d him!”

Henry muttered, “How did he d*e?”

“Quickly, get Cole back! We are going to have a funeral!”

Henry did not want to hear his wife’s ravings. He grabbed his phone and car keys and left the house.

The Sterling Group was in utter chaos!

How could their boss suddenly d*e!

Chad’s phone was ringing off the hook!

Shaun and Ben’s phones had been ringing nonstop too. They gathered in Elliot’s office and started exchanging information.

“Who has contacted him in the past two days?” Ben asked.

“I sent him a work email the day before yesterday. He read it but did not reply. He has not checked his messages in the past two days,” said Shaun.

Chad adjusted the glasses on his nose. “Three days ago, Mike and Hayden went to look for him. At that time, he should still be alright.”

“I’ll head to the hospital to have a look. Chad, go find Mike and get Mike to contact Avery. Mr. Locklyn, go call for an emergency meeting and calm everyone down! Before we understand what truly happened to Mr. Foster, please don’t believe the news on the internet!” Ben said seriously. “I don’t believe that he is d**d. He barely said anything. He can’t leave just like that!

When the three of them finally came to a conclusion, they each went their separate ways.

Chad rang the Starry River Villa’s doorbell.

After a while, the door opened. Mike appeared with his unkempt blond hair. He looked at Chad in disbelief.

“What are you doing? Why are you here so early in the morning disturbing my sleep?” Mike rubbed his eyes and headed into the living area.

“Mike, call Avery right now! Something has happened to Mr. Foster! We can’t contact him. Avery must have known what happened,” Chad said seriously. He went forward and grabbed Mike’s arm.