When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 414

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 414

Mike was at the forest villa.

Mike stopped the car and immediately walked over to the door. The guards stopped him.

“I’m here to get Avery!” Mike said. “Your boss has died. Perhaps, you should start thinking about whether you are going to get paid.”

The guards were baffled.

At the staircase, the nanny was helping Avery down the stairs. She was leaving the place.

Elliot died. Avery wanted to see him for the last time.

When Mike saw Avery, he immediately pushed the guards away and strode in.

“Avery! I’m here to take you home!” Mike took Avery from the nanny.

After helping Avery into the car, Mike looked at her leg. She was wearing loose pajamas, so he could not see her injury.

“You were limping just now. I find it hard to believe that your injuries are almost healed.” Mike furrowed his brows. He started the car. “I’ll send you to the hospital once we get back to the city.”

Avery held onto the seatbelt with both hands. Her heart was empty.

“Avery. His lawyer… won’t find faults with you, right?” Mike had only asked her this question once they were on their way, and even then he had hesitated for a few seconds.

Mike had never liked Elliot because Elliot treated Avery and the children terribly.

When he heard that Elliot had died, he felt a little pity for the man, however, he was more focused on Avery. He hoped that Elliot’s d***h would not bring the law down on Avery.

“I don’t know.” Avery was feeling low. She did not care whether the law would punish her or not at that moment.

“Oh. You and him… What happened?” Mike lowered his voice, due to the severity of the topic.

“I don’t know.” Avery’s mind was heavy. Once she began thinking about him, she was so overwhelmed she could barely breathe.

“Did you not sleep the entire night?” Mike saw how puffy and red her eyes were. “Close your eyes and get some rest. No matter what, the children need you to take care of them. I will hire the best lawyer for you. You don’t have to worry about the other matters.”

Avery closed her eyes. She saw Elliot’s eyes. They had been filled with pain and hatred. He had said that he would not look for her in his next life.

He had brought her so much pain, but she too had caused him plenty of pain. There was no other explanation for why he would have stabbed himself with the dagger otherwise.

He would rather d*e than see her again.

During recess at Starry River Kindergarten, Hayden pulled Layla out of her class.

“The dirtbag is d**d.” Hayden had seen the news, and now, he was telling it to Layla.

Layla was shocked. “Which dirtbag? Cole… or Elliot?”

“Elliot,” said Hayden a little awkwardly. It was a name that he had loathed so much.

The shock on Layla’s face slowly disappeared. Although she did not like their dirtbag dad, he was still their biological father.

“How did he d*e so suddenly?” she thought.

“Hayden, is he really d**d? Don’t lie to me.” Layla’s eyes suddenly grew red. Her nose was sore too.

Hayden nodded.

“Woo, woo, woo… He is d**d. No one will bully Mommy, but why am I sad?” Layla raised her hand to wipe her tears. “Hayden, I shouldn’t be sad, right?”

Hayden replied, “If you want to be sad, just be sad.”

“Are you sad?” Layla wiped her tears away and looked at Hayden with watery eyes.

The bruise on Hayden’s neck was still visible. Even if he was sad, he would not show it.

“I’m not sad.”

“Oh, then… if he has died, should we visit his grave?” Layla suddenly thought of this. After Grandma died, their Mommy often brought them to visit their grandmother’s grave.