When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 415

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 415

Chapter 415 If their Dad was d**d, would they need to visit his grave?

“Go if you want. I’m not going,” Hayden said coldly before returning to his classroom.

“Hayden, woo, woo… I miss Mommy. When is she coming back?” Layla quickly chased after him and held his arm.

“She should be back soon.” Hayden had a feeling.

Elliot was d**d. Her Mommy did not need to worry about anything anymore.

Mike drove to Elizabeth Hospital and handed Avery to Wesley.

When Avery saw Wesley she asked, “Which hospital is head at?”

Wesley replied, “At General Hospital. The latest news that I got was that they are still trying to resuscitate him. Don’t worry.”

Wesley helped her onto the bed.

After a while, Avery slowly came to her senses. “Wesley, did you say he is not d**d?”

Wesley sighed. “He had a cardiac arrest, but they resuscitated him. It’s still going on.”

Avery sighed.

Wesley pushed her to the emergency room. He used a pair of scissors and cut her pants.

Her bandage was dyed red with her blood.

“Avery, how did your injury turn out this way? Did you not care for it?” Wesley furrowed his brows. He carefully undid the bandage.

Avery said lightly, “It doesn’t hurt very much.”

“Even if it doesn’t hurt, if you don’t take care of yourself, this will happen. You risk infection by neglecting it!” Wesley sighed. “Thank goodness Mike picked you up.”

Mike was standing at the main entrance, calling Chad.

He wanted to tell Chad that Elliot was still alive, but he could not reach Chad.

“Hehe, that b*st*rd! How dare he block me!” Mike stored away his phone and walked back into the emergency room.

When he saw the injuries on Avery’s leg. He cursed in a low voice, “Avery, how did you end up this way?! Please don’t tell me you need an amputation!”

Mike’s outrage rekindled some emotion in Avery.

“Can you not nag at me?”

“Look at your leg. What do you want me to say?” Mike raised his hand and slapped his head.” Wesley, will her leg be fine?”

Wesley shook his head. “The wound is large. It will definitely scar over.”

“Oh, that’s fine. As long as she’s not disabled.” Mike looked at Wesley cleaning Avery’s wound. He asked, “Does she need to stay at the hospital?”

“It’s best if she does, but if she doesn’t want to stay then she is free to go home. I’ll go to her house to change her bandages on a daily basis,” Wesley said and looked at her. “Avery, why don’t you stay at home? It’s much more comfortable than the hospital. The children have not seen you for a long time too. I’m sure they missed you.”

Avery nodded.

Her eyelids were heavy. She had not slept for a day and a night. She had been under constant duress, and the moment she heard that Elliot was still alive, she had relaxed a little. Sleep overwhelmed her.

Wesley dressed her wounds, and Avery fell asleep on the bed. Mike tucked her in.

Wesley prescribed anti-inflammatory medication and put Avery on drips.

“Mike, go do your thing. Once she wakes up, I’ll send her back,” Wesley said.

“Oh… I’ll head to General Hospital to see Elliot. Though I have nothing to do with him, Avery does not want him d**d.”

Wesley nodded.

Mike teased, “Wesley, just give up on her! Even if she doesn’t end up together with Elliot, she won’t choose you. I don’t want to see you wasting your time.” Wesley blushed awkwardly. “I know. I never hoped for anything much.”

At General Hospital. After being resuscitated for more than ten hours, Elliot was transferred to the ICU. Elliot needed to survive for a week before he would be officially deemed out of the danger zone.

As night fell, Ben treated Elliot’s estate attorney to dinner.

The estate attorney refused.

Ben said, “Don’t worry, I’m not planning to hear about the distribution of his estate, because I know how it’s being distributed.”