When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 416

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The estate attorney looked at how confident Ben looked. He said, “After Mr. Foster’s mother passed away, he had instructed me to make some changes.”

Ben said, “Oh?”

The estate attorney said, “I’m not drinking or having dinner. If there is any progress with Mr. Foster’s condition, please inform me at once.”

Ben replied, “Okay, then. I’ll send you out.”

After Ben sent the estate attorney out, he looked at the time. Without knowing it, it was already seven in the evening.

After sleeping deeply for quite some time, Avery finally woke up. She was still in a daze.

“Avery, let’s go home!” Mike saw that she was awake and said, “I just returned from General Hospital. Elliot is not d**d. He has been transferred into ICU. The media has crossed the line. He is not even d**d and yet, they are so quick to declare him d**d!”

Mike helped Avery up. Avery returned to her senses more quickly than she had before.

“What time is it?”

Mike helped Avery into the wheelchair. “It’s almost eight. Are you hungry?”

Avery nodded.

She had barely had a proper meal the past few days. All she wanted to do right then was to have a good meal, a shower, and a good night’s sleep.

She was still feeling dizzy. She had not slept well for the past few days. All she wanted to do was to catch up on her sleep.

“There’s food at home! We’ll go back and eat! The children heard that you’re back. They are waiting for you!” Mike carried her into the car and placed the wheelchair in the boot.

Half an hour later, the car slowly entered Starry River Villa’s compound.

Avery looked at the familiar surroundings. She was extremely emotional. She had only been gone for a week, but it felt like she had just come back from d***h.

Once she reached home, she collected her messy thoughts.

The two children pounced on her.



Avery looked at her children. She was happy and sad at the same time.

“I missed you all.”

“Mommy, Hayden and I missed you too! Your leg is injured. Does it hurt?” Layla looked at Avery’s leg. “Mommy, which is the leg that is hurt?”

Avery replied, “The right one.”

“Oh… Mommy. Rest well at home. Don’t go around. It’ll be better after a few days,” Layla said sweetly.

Avery nodded. “I won’t go anywhere. I’ll just stay at home.”

For the next week, Avery stayed home, resting in bed.

Mike initially wanted to stay at home and care for her, but Avery made him go to work.

Every day, the bodyguard would send the children to school, then buy groceries, and cook for her.

Wesley would come around every afternoon to change her dressing and medication.

After a week of rest, the wound on her leg had recovered nicely. She could get down from the bed and walk around in the yard.

The weather was getting better. In a blink of an eye, summer was here. Elliot was at the hospital. He had spent a week in ICU. After that, he was transferred to the special care unit.

When he opened his eyes, he looked at the white walls. His mind was blank.

“Elliot, you’re finally up.” The voice belonged to a woman. “How are you feeling?”

Elliot turned to the side and looked at Zoe.

“Elliot, I’ll go get the doctor,” Zoe said with reddened eyes before leaving.

“Am I patient? Am I sick?” he wondered. He tried to lift his arm, but he found that he had no strength.

After Zoe left, Ben entered. “Elliot, you’re awake.” Ben had a relaxed expression. “I really don’t know what I’m going to do if you’re d**d. Perhaps, I would have dissolved the company.

Elliot’s face remained void of expression.

“No matter what happened in the past, forget them all. If your mother was still around to see you in this state, she would be heartbroken. Even if you won’t do it for her, you should live for Shea. Shea has not been to school these past few days. We were worried that she would hear the rumors in school. She still does not know about the incident.”