When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 417

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 417

Ben stood by the bed and spoke to him.

Elliot’s face still remained blank and emotionless despite hearing Ben’s words.

Ben spoke the truth. He wanted to d*e. Was there anything there that he could not let go of?

If he died, naturally there would be someone to take care of Shea.

A moment later, the doctor arrived. After examining Elliot, the doctor said, “Mr. Foster, you’re very weak. You need to stay in the hospital to recuperate. During this time, if you feel any discomfort, you can let me know at any moment.”

Elliot closed his eyes.

Ben pulled the doctor outside to talk to him.

“He should not be in any danger, right?” Ben asked.

The doctor replied, “As long as he cooperates and follows the treatment plan he will not be in any danger. However, he does not want to live, and this is not good for him.”

Ben pursed his lips. “I’ll think of something.”

An hour later, Ben brought Shea to the hospital.

“Shea, your brother is terribly hurt. Could you go comfort him, please?”

Shea blinked her eyes and furrowed his brows. “Why is he hurt?”

“… You could say that love has wounded him.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“It means… Elliot fought with Avery-badly.” Ben used simpler terms to explain the situation to her. “Because of that, he does not want to live anymore. He wants to d*e. What you need to do is to make sure that he does not d*e.”

Shea looked troubled. “Why don’t you call Avery here? I don’t think he’ll listen to me.”

Ben replied, “They fought. He does not want to see Avery. Don’t go looking for Avery in the future too. It was a bad fight, and they are completely done with each other this time.”

Shea said, “Then, does that mean I can’t go looking for Layla and Hayden?”

Ben said, “Your brother is d***g, yet you still have the time to care for others?”

Shea responded, “Oh. How do I make sure he does not d*e? Tell me!”

Ben took a deep breath. “Stay by his side and keep an eye on him.”


When Elliot woke from slumber, he saw Shea’s bright and innocent face.

Shea was sitting by the bed, and she was looking at him with her clear, large eyes.

“Big Brother,” Shea said sadly, “I don’t want you to d*e. What will happen to me if you d*e? If you want to d*e, take me along! I don’t want to be alone. I want to be with you…

“No one has ever truly liked me. Only you,” Shea muttered in a low voice, “I don’t need anything. I only want you.”

Elliot blinked.

He was in the same boat as Shea. There was no one but Shea who loved him.

Shea held his hand with both her hands. “Big Brother, your hand is so cold. Let me warm it up for you.”

Elliot was discharged from the hospital four days later. He went home to recuperate.

That day, all the major news outlets in Aryadelle published apologies.

Avery saw the news notification appearing on her phone. She was completely relieved.

Elliot was not d**d. He had been discharged from the hospital. He would start a completely new life. She too would follow suit.

She hoped that they would never meet again! That way, they would not be in pain anymore.

Her phone rang. Avery saw who it was and picked the call up.

“Avery! Elliot has been discharged!” Tammy had held herself back for many days before she had finally dared contact Avery. Jun had told her that it was Avery who had tried to m****r Elliot. Therefore, before Elliot was discharged, Tammy dared not contact Avery.

“I saw the news,” Avery said in a calm tone. She lowered her gaze.

“Hmm! Those news outlets are disgusting! They would do anything for clicks!” Tammy said and changed the topic. “Jun just heard from him. He won’t be attending our wedding. I’m assuming he is trying to avoid you.”