When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 419

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At that moment, the guest that Avery had mentioned arrived.

A black Buik Business pulled up by the entrance.

The car doors opened, and two bodyguards stepped out of the car. ‘Tammy watched the commotion outside.

“Who is it? Why did they bring so many bodyguards along!”

Avery got up from the sofa. When she passed by Tammy, she replied, “Eric Santos.”

After a few months of rehabilitation, Eric could finally stand up. He, accompanied by his family, had come to pay Avery a visit. They wanted to thank her in person.

Eric was in black-striped sportswear with a cap on his head. His face was covered by a mask and sunglasses

No one could truly make out what he looked like underneath it. However, his statuesque figure and charisma made him stand out from the rest of the crowd. He looked stunning!

“Avery, can I scream!” Tammy’s body trembled a little.

Avery said, “It’s best you not. I’m afraid that neighbors would call the police.”

Tammy suppressed the urge.

Eric and his family entered the living area under the protection of his bodyguards. When Eric saw Avery, he hugged her. He had not even removed his mask.

“Dr. Tate, thank you.”

Avery was stunned. “You don’t have to call me Dr. Tate.”

“Avery, thank you.” Eric released her and took off his cap, mask, and glasses.

The golden sunlight illuminated his handsome face. Now, everyone could see his angular face and flawless skin.

Everyone looked at him in a daze. He was far more good-looking in person than he was in the pictures.

Layla’s mouth hung open. She clenched her fist and stuffed it into her mouth. What a good – looking person! He was even more handsome than her Dirtbag Dad!

No! He was in a completely different league compared to her Dirtbag Dad! Eric was just her type- young and exquisite.

“Mister, I’m Layla!” Layla mustered up her courage and ran over to Eric. “I’m Avery’s darling daughter! I like you a lot!”

Eric was rather taken aback. Then, he gently picked Layla up.

Hayden felt embarrassed so he returned to his room. Mike had put on some clothes. When he saw Layla in Eric’s arms, his nose turned sore. He was rather jealous.

“Avery, I’m here today not just to thank you, but I do have something to tell you.” Eric was still holding Layla in his arms. He fixed his light blue eyes on Avery. “I have decided to make a comeback.”

Tammy yelled, “Ah-!”

Eric looked at her.

Tammy said, “I’m Avery’s best friend! I-I – I’m also your fan!”

Eric smiled brightly. “I brought my new single over. If you have any suggestions after listening to it, you can let me know.”

Tammy was so elated she was about to pass out!

Mike supported her before she could pass out.

Mike looked at Avery. “Avery, I’m going to work! We have a physical examination scheduled for all our employees at the office this afternoon. I’ll come to pick you up. You have to do it too!”