When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 422

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 422

Avery was pregnant!

According to the report, she had gotten pregnant the night Elliot had stabbed himself in the heart.

It was ironic! They were already estranged, and here she was pregnant with his child. Avery had no words or emotions to express the shock she felt. It reminded her of the time she had been pregnant with Hayden and Layla. She was extremely heartbroken.

Back then, Elliot was fighting for a divorce. Now, things were different. She was financially independent. She could raise the children herself. It did not matter if it was one, two, or three; she could raise them all.

However, should she tell him about this matter?

After all, back when Zoe had a m*********e, he blamed it all on her, insisting that she give him a baby in return. Although they were no longer in contact, what if he tried to get in contact with her because she had not given him a child?

Mike saw her panic through the corner of his eyes. He immediately closed the distance between them and glanced at her phone.

Avery pressed the power button of her phone. The screen immediately went black.

“Is there any problem with your report? Your expression is quite scary.” Mike wanted to take her phone, but Avery swerved.

“I’m fine… I’m only slightly anemic.” Avery found some random excuse. “Right, I have something to do in the afternoon, I won’t be in the office.”

She had to go to the hospital. She needed to see if the results were wrong.

Mike had a look of suspicion on his face. “What’s going on?”

“It’s private. Can you not be so nosy? I won’t ask about your private life too.”

“I never hid my private life from you!”

“Well, I do. So, I can’t tell you what it is for now,” said Avery flatly.

“Then, when will you tell me?”

The elevator doors opened, and Avery walked out.

“I’ll tell you when I want to.”

Mike replied, “Avery, are you going to look for Elliot behind my back? Don’t go seeking d***h! He might have stabbed himself this time, but the next time, it will surely be you!”

Avery’s head felt numb when she heard what Mike said.

“I’m not going to look for him.

“Oh, okay, then! As long as you’re not looking for him, I don’t care about the rest,” Mike explained.

Avery said, “Even if I’m going to look for him, you can’t stop me anyway.”

Mike furrowed his brows.

“I’m joking! What are we having for lunch?” Avery tugged on Mike’s arm. “Why don’t we have something lighter! Did the doctors stop you from drinking because you have stomach problems or liver problems?”

Avery managed to distract Mike.

“My body is still strong!” Mike said defiantly

“Oh, is it? Then, let’s go drinking.”

Mike caved in. “My stomach has some problems. Stomach issues. Many of them have it.”

“Don’t take stomach problems lightly.” Avery’s expression was a little cold. She tilted her head up slightly to look at him. “You have to stop drinking. Even if it is an occasional drink, you can’t drink too much. Do you hear me?”

“I got it! Where are you going this afternoon? I’ll send you!”

“No need. I’ll call a taxi.”

Mike stopped asking her questions.

After lunch, they went their separate ways. Avery got into a taxi. She asked to be taken to the nearby hospital.

Then, she opened the medical report and looked through it once again.

They had detected her pregnancy from the blood test. The results were probably correct unless the doctor had mislabeled the blood sample and given her the wrong results.

However, with modern medical procedures, such mistakes were rare. The act could have been a deliberate one.

Avery gasped. She placed her palms on her abdomen.