When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 425

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 425

If Elliot did not see her or think of her, he could eat, sleep, and live like a normal person.

However, the moment he thought of her, his body would begin to react to her.

A moment later, a knock came on his door. Elliot entered his room from the balcony.

He opened the room door. Mrs. Cooper was standing outside.

“Sir, Avery came by just now. She said she was looking for you. I asked her as to her intentions for seeing you, but she did not tell me,” Mrs. Cooper said. “She left.”

“I saw.” Elliot’s expression was calm. His tone was cold.

“Oh, the next time she comes, should I invite her in?” Mrs. Cooper asked.

“No,” he muttered after a while.


When Avery returned home, she was completely drenched.

“Mommy, why are you so wet? Did you not bring an umbrella?” Layla said, heartbroken.

Mike pushed her upstairs.

“Quickly, go take a shower. You might catch a cold.” Avery headed upstairs.

“Uncle Mike, why did you let Mommy come back alone?” Layla looked at Mike reproachfully.

Hayden was glaring at Mike too.

Mike lifted his hands up in surrender when faced with the two children’s attack. ” Your Mommy said that she had something to do in the afternoon! She forbade me to follow her! I’ll go make her some tea! She won’t catch a cold if she has tea! ” Mike said and escaped to the kitchen.

Avery took a shower and washed her hair. She went downstairs after drying her hair.

Mike stuffed a cup of tea in her hands. After thanking him, she drank all the tea.

“Avery, where were you this afternoon? It is raining so heavily! Don’t you know how to avoid the rain?” Mike grumbled.

Layla pursed her lips and stood up for Avery without thinking. “Mommy already got wet, why are you still nagging her?!”

“Fine, let’s go have dinner.” Mike dragged the two children toward the dining table. “Avery, our bodyguard’s cooking is amazing! Give him a raise!”

Avery walked over to the dining table and looked at the feast on the table. She nodded. “Hmm.”

“Aren’t you anemic? Have more meat,” Mike said.

Human psychology was a strange thing. Avery had eaten a ham sandwich that morning, but she did not feel nauseated or uncomfortable.

However, the moment she found out that she was pregnant, she could not even stand the sight of the table lined with food. Not only did she lose her appetite, but she felt slightly nauseous too.

Mike noticed that she did not touch her utensils, and he took some pork for her. She took a bite and said, “It’ll be good if there are some vegetables.”

“Oh, I’ll get him to make some vegetables tomorrow.” Mike noticed that Avery looked down. He guessed that she had gone looking for Elliot this afternoon, as she was fine this morning.

“Eric’s manager came looking for you this afternoon, but because you were not around, I had a chat with him.” Mike explained the incident that took place that afternoon to Avery.

“Oh, have you guys reached a deal?” She raised her eyebrows.

“Almost. The rest is up to you,” Mike said. “Eric is a great guy. I won’t call him babyface anymore.”

“Since you have reached a settlement, then go with the terms that you have discussed.” Avery did not have further suggestions.

“Oh, don’t you dislike marketing?”

“Nothing is set in stone.” Avery had no appetite, so she put her utensils down.” I’ve been paying attention to Wanda’s company. They have been using every trick in the book to market their product, and it seems to be going well for them. Eric is doing this to help me. I have no reason to refuse him.”

“Not bad!”

“I cannot lose to Wanda.” Avery got up from her chair. “I’ll come up with a proposal first. Then, we will commence discussions with him.”

“Hey, have some food first!” Mike saw that she had only eaten half her food. He immediately called after her.

“I’m not hungry right now. I’ll make some food for myself when I’m hungry,” Avery said and headed upstairs.

Once she was upstairs, she turned on her laptop and started working.

The rain outside grew heavier, pitter-pattering against the windows.

She finished her work in distraction and jumped up from her chair. When she saw the time, it was almost eleven at night. She had to make a trip right at that moment.