When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 426

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 426

Avery was still worried for the child in her womb. There was something that she had to do before the date of the examination came. She wanted to rectify the situation at hand. Not caring whether it was too late or not, she would do what she had to. It would at least give her some peace of mind.

Avery put on a jacket and left with an umbrella.

There was a pharmacy that was a three minute walk away from the neighborhood.

She bought a bottle of folic acid and placed it in her pocket. She was walking in the rain beneath the protection of the umbrella.

Although the rain was heavy, she was not cold. It was spring. Spring was the time when all beings came to life. It was a season of hope. She hoped that the child in her womb was as healthy as Layla and Hayden. As long as the child was healthy, she would carry it to term.

Elliot was no longer important.

Walking beneath the rain had helped her figure many things out.

Elliot and her were parallel lines. All she needed to do was to live her own life, and she would do that with a clear conscience.

When she returned home, she closed the umbrella and placed it outside the door. Before she entered, she heard noises coming from the living area.

“You’re strangling me!” came Chad’s angry voice.

Mike said, “Shut your mouth! Don’t wake Avery up!”

Chad was breathing heavily. “Why did you bring me here? Send me home now!”

Mike sat on the sofa and scratched his head. “I drank some alcohol, how can I send you home? Why don’t you just stay here for the night!”

“You’re asking me to sleep on the couch?!”

“What’s wrong with sleeping on the couch! It’s already a very good option for you! Don’t make a fuss! Does that mean you want to sleep in my room?”

“Are you nuts? What if Avery and the two children find out about me? How embarrassing would it be for me?” Struggling, Chad got up from the sofa and walked to Mike’s room.

Mike followed behind. “Wait up! Chad… why don’t you resign? Come to our office. Elliot that j**k-”

“F*ck you! My boss is not a j**k. I know that you want to talk about Shea again. I promise you that they are nothing more than siblings. As for Zoe, that is an even more absurd question! Mr. Foster has never liked her! Even if they had slept together, it was an accident on his part. I’m sure that Zoe engineered it! Mr. Foster is very picky! Whether it was something to do with his personal life or with his relationship, he has always had high standards!”

Chad had forgotten that Mike had asked him to speak softly.

Even if Avery was in her room upstairs, she would be able to hear his yells.

“Our Avery has even higher standards!” Mike tried to argue with him. “Ever since I knew her, she has never had a single relationship! No matter how good-looking or amazing the guys pursuing her were, she remained calm! Is your boss as good as Avery?”

Chad said, “But Avery is vicious! She almost k****d Mr. Foster!”

Mike said, “You’re the vicious one! Your boss was seeking d***h himself! A weak person like Avery would find it tough to even k**l a chicken. How could she k**l your boss? With a brain like yours, how did you manage to become the president’s assistant?”

Chad had one hand on the door handle. He adjusted his glasses with the other hand. He looked lost.

Mike’s words seemed to make sense.

Looking at him, Mike pushed him into the room and then closed the door.

Avery could no longer hear what they were talking about. She entered the house and closed the door.

Chad’s words kept repeating in her mind. Whether he was telling the truth or not, she had been affected by him.

Avery quickly headed upstairs and entered her room. After taking off her jacket, she took a glass of water and took some folic acid.

She wondered what on earth had she done to deserve the bain of carrying Elliot’s children!

“Three!” she thought.

Although the last two came out at the same time, it was still equally challenging bringing them into the world, and it was not as easy as raising one child.

That was not the most important thing. The most important thing was that with three children, she would never truly be able to break things off with him. She would be tied to him for the rest of her life!

Avery lay in bed and switched off the lights. She tossed and turned in bed for a long time. The more she tossed, the less sleepy she felt.

She picked up her phone and looked at the time. Only half an hour had passed. She sighed in the dark and closed her eyes, forcing herself to sleep.