When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 427

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 427

After tossing around for a while longer, Avery picked up her phone and looked at the time again.

It was past midnight, and it was soon going to be one in the morning. She was completely wide awake.

Almost by reflex, Avery pulled open the drawer of her nightstand and took out a bottle of melatonin. She unscrewed the bottle. Just as she was about to s*****w the pill, she caught sight of the bottle of folic acid. She immediately threw the pill into the bin.

She had to sleep. It was for the child in her womb.

The next day at eight in the morning, after Avery had sent the children to kindergarten, she brought breakfast home.

As she entered, Chad came out of Mike’s room. He was swiftly buttoning his shirt while he walked.

He had planned on leaving before Avery could find out about him.

“Chad, I bought you breakfast,” Avery said politely.

Chad was speechless. Hearing Avery’s voice, Mike came out of his room.

“Avery, uh…” Mike blushed a little, trying to explain himself.

Avery calmly interrupted him. “If you two are together, I think it’s best that you move out. After all, the children and I live here too, and we might disturb you. If you don’t want to stay too far from me, we could buy another building in this neighborhood. We could be neighbors.”

Mike said, “No! You won’t disturb us. I’m not moving out. Even if I bring Chad back, it’s at night-”

Chad slapped his forehead.

Mike said, “Chad, come have breakfast.” Chad was forced to sit at the table. He looked at Avery.

She had dressed up today. One could not help but notice how gorgeous she looked. She wore a cream sweater on top of a red dress. Her feet were sheathed in a pair of leather straps.

She had put a little effort into dressing well. She looked good.

“Miss Tate, are you going on a date today?” Chad asked.

Mike said, “Eric Santos, do you know who is his? He decided to sell us the rights to his comeback single. We’ll have the official signature edition ceremony at the hotel today.”

Chad looked at Avery, stunned. “So, it’s true that you cured Eric?!”

Avery changed the topic. “Didn’t you block Mike? Why did you get back together?”

Chad became even more animated by this topic. “I was drinking with some colleagues last night, and he came to where I was and dragged me away!”

Mike furrowed his brows. “Speaking of which, you haven’t taken me off your block list?”

Avery did not want to be the third wheel, so she got up. “You two take your time. I’ll make a move.”

Eric Santos’ comeback was held at one of the most established five-star hotels in the city. The ceremony began at eleven that morning.

The event was streamed live on the internet. The thousands of fans made this a trending topic!

Elliot was in his office watching the broadcast. The broadcast showed Avery standing next to Eric. They were both sporting matching cream sweaters. They looked like a couple!

Elliot furrowed his brows tightly. The sweater that she was wearing was the one that she had made for him!

When they had broken up, he had returned it to her. However, it was a sweater that he had worn. How could she wear it so that she might match the outfit of another man?

Elliot was so furious he began to cough violently!