When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 428

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His office door flung open. When Ben saw him coughing violently, he immediately walked over and gave him a cup of water.

“Don’t come to work if you have not fully recovered! You never listen to the doctor.”

Elliot placed the cup down on the table and strode over to the washroom. Ben wanted to follow him, but he saw what was playing on Elliot’s computer screen from the corner of his eyes.

“Eric, everyone is curious as to why you chose to collaborate with Tate Industries? Was it because they offered you a good deal?” The reporter chuckled

Eric looked at Avery and smiled. Just when he was about to answer, Avery said, “No. Eric told us that as he had been out of the industry for three years, we would only pay him the amount we would pay a newcomer.”

There was an uproar below the stage. Miss Tate, how do you know Eric? Are you two close? I see that you are both wearing cream sweaters…” The reporter sounded like a gossipmonger.

Avery blushed a little.

“It’s just a coincidence,” Eric answered on her behalf. I was wearing a brown jacket, but because the hotel is quite hot, I took it off.”

“Eric, for your comeback, you must have had a lot of choices, and yet, you went with Tate Industries. Are you close to Miss Tate? When did you first meet each other?”

Eric replied, “We got to know each other when I was sick. This song was also written when I was sick.”

Suddenly, someone below the stage demanded, “Eric, can you perform this new song live for us?”

After the demand had been made, the crowd rallied. They clapped and cheered. Avery smiled and looked at him before retreating to the side, letting him have the stage.

At the Sterling Group, Elliot came out from the bathroom. Ben had already switched off the live stream on Elliot’s laptop.

Ben could not understand his employer. They had already broken up. Why was he still watching her on the news? Whoever she ended up with was her own business.

Why did he still care? Had the most recent incident not hurt him enough?

“Elliot, I’ll send you home!” Ben stood in front of him, determined. “Look at you right now. Are you planning to d*e in the office?”

Elliot’s face turned blue. He clenched his fists tightly and strode over to the elevator. Ben followed him.

“She came looking for me yesterday,” Elliot said in a low hoarse voice when he entered the elevator.

Ben looked at him in disbelief. “You said Avery went looking for you yesterday?”

“I didn’t see her.” Elliot’s Adam’s apple bobbed a little. “She deliberately wore the cream sweater today to annoy me.”

Ben found it hard to believe that Avery was this type of woman.

However, the attack Elliot had suffered constantly reminded Chad that he truly did not know Avery very well at all.

“If you don’t love her, no matter what she wears, it will not provoke you,” Ben went straight to the point, “You can’t change her, so change yourself.”

It was easier said than done!

If he could force himself to not love her, he would not have suffered so much pain, and he would not be in pain right now.

At the hotel, after Eric sang his new song, the excitement of the crowd had reached its peak!

After that, Avery, as the President of the company, explained to everyone the direction in which Tate Industries was growing. She also introduced the upcoming products and explained their functions.

As Eric stood by Avery’s side the entire time, viewership did not decrease. On the contrary, it increased.

The marketing team had done an effective job.

Wanda was at Wonder Technology watching the stream. Fury distorted her face.