When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 429

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“Avery has some tricks up her sleeves!” Wanda said coldly.

Although Eric was not currently the hottest celebrity, he had been one! His comeback swayed the entire entertainment industry!

Wanda did not understand why Eric wanted to help Avery. Previously, he had tweeted for Tate Industries, rescuing them once.

This time, he actually wrote a song for them! How absurd!

Wanda called Zoe. The call was soon answered.

“Zoe, do you know why Eric Santos is helping Avery? Are they secretly together?”

Zoe was also watching the live stream. She was also in a bad mood.

Eric was not only talented, but he was also very good-looking. Women would find it hard to resist his seduction.

“He already told us the answer just now on the live stream,” Zoe said frigidly. “He said that he knew Avery when he was sick.”

Wanda did not understand what Zoe meant. “What’s so strange about that?”

“He had been comatose! He would not have been conscious! Even if Avery had stood in front of him everyday, he would not know her. So, the only way he could know her is after he was cured. Now, how was he cured? And why is he so nice to Avery? Aren’t the answers to those clear?”

Wanda was shocked. “Are you saying Avery cured him!”

Zoe gritted her teeth. “Yes! Avery must have cured him! He is definitely grateful which is why he is doing all this to pay her back!”

Wanda suddenly laughed.

Zoe was confused. “What are you laughing at? Avery has Eric as her trump card! You should find a way to stop her!”

“Since when did Avery become so great? Why haven’t I heard of this before? She cure coma? If she really did have the ability to do that, then why start a company? She should just become a doctor and cure patients. Take you. Elliot has paid you three hundred million for treating Shea. Aren’t you making a lot more than you would if you had chosen to operate a company?”

Wanda did not agree with Zoe’s theory.

Zoe said, “If you don’t believe me, forget about it! I’m not planning to persuade you!”

Wanda said, “It’s not that I don’t believe you, it’s Avery who I don’t believe! How could she be so great?!”

Zoe took a deep breath. “Initially, I didn’t believe how great she was either, but… this is a fact that I can’t ignore, even if I can’t believe it! Lying to myself would only make a fool out of me!”

The smile on Wanda’s face completely vanished.

“Are you afraid?” Zoe mocked when she did not hear a response from Wanda. “If I knew that you only went this far, I would not have invested all my money in you!”

Wanda was provoked. “Zoe, you have been defeated by Avery. Do you think everyone is like you? Just wait and see!”

Zoe was not angry, on the contrary, she laughed. “I’ll just wait and see how you defeat her!”

At the hotel, after the official signing ceremony ended, Eric got into a black sedan under the protection of his bodyguards.

The fans waiting outside the hotel screamed!

Avery was behind Eric. She looked at the group of people swarming all over the place. She truly felt the difference between celebrities and ordinary people.

After Eric left, the fans waiting outside dispersed too.

Not far away was a black Rolls-Roice. Elliot was in the car.

After the crowd dispersed, he looked at Avery in her cream sweater with cold eyes. She was talking to Mike. Mike affectionately wrapped his arms around her shoulders, escourting her to the parking lot.

The scene broke his heart.

Avery never had a shortage of men protecting her.

Ben was gripping the steering wheel. He looked at Elliot’s cold yet pained expression. “Elliot, forget about her! Without you, she is still doing well.”