When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 436

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Avery was at Tate industries, completing some work. She could not help but occasionally glance at her phone.

She tapped on her chat history with Elliot and looked through it a few times.

Why had he texted her the night before?

She had gone looking for him the day before yesterday. He should have found out about it on the night itself.

Why had he not contacted her that night?

She then clicked on scandal about her and Eric. She could not help but think that Elliot had taken the initiative to text her because he had seen the article about her and Eric.

What kind of attitude did he have toward her at the moment?

If he had seen the news and hated her to d***h, he would probably not have contacted her.

He had contacted her last night, but he did not mention the past. Had he already gotten over it?

It was impossible!

He had been devastatingly hurt, so how could he have already gotten over it?

She furrowed her brows. Her mind was a mess.

If he had not messaged her last night, she would not be thinking of him this much.

Her phone on the table rang. She picked up her phone and answered it.

“Avery! I am downstairs at your company! Come on down quickly! We’ll have lunch together!” Tammy’s bubbly voice could be heard coming from the other end of the call.

Avery agreed without thinking too much about it.

Five minutes later, she saw Tammy downstairs.

There were two sweet girls standing next to Tammy. They were cute and pretty, and they were stylishly dressed. They were dressed in the same style as Tammy.

Avery, let me introduce them to you. This is my good friend, Lisa. This is my cousin, Ellie. Both of them are also my bridesmaids.”

“Hello, Avery! We have met before! I am Tammy’s college mate!” Lisa said enthusiastically.

Ellie said, “Hello, Avery. We have not met before, but I have often heard about you from my cousin, so I am very, very familiar with you!”

Avery smiled and they went to a nearby restaurant.

“Are you three out shopping today?”

“We only shopped for a while. They asked me to bring you along, so here we are.” Tammy wrapped an arm around Avery’s shoulder and said, “Avery, both of them are Eric’s d*e-hard fans! I took a photo with Eric a few days ago, and both of them are jealous to d***h. Hahaha!”

Avery instantly understood what Tammy meant.

“If there’s a chance next time, I will introduce you to him.”

Since they are all good friends, of course, she would be willing to help.

“Avery, you really are the best! I didn’t expect you to be this forthcoming! As to be expected of Eric’s goddess! Hahaha!” Lisa said with excitement.

Ellie said, “Avery, could you invite Eric to my cousin’s wedding? We can hire him to sing a few songs!”

Tammy said, “Would that put you in a difficult position, Avery? If it’s too difficult, just forget it. We’ll be happy if you could just get us into one of his events. He has just made his comeback, so his schedule must be packed. I heard that his new song has reached the top of the charts across all music platforms. It’s awesome!”

Avery nodded. “I’ll ask later. You want to know if he is free, right?”

They had meat stew for lunch.

It had already been two days since Avery touched any meat.

She no longer felt disgusted by it, so she was craving it a little.

“Avery, you usually don’t eat spicy food, do you?” Tammy saw that she had put quite a bit of pepper in her bowl, so she was slightly surprised.

Avery had a piece of meat with the pepper and her appetite instantly increased. “It’s fine to have a little once in a while.”

“Why do I feel that you’re getting thinner and thinner? Are you not eating properly?” Tammy asked as she stared at Avery’s thin face. Tammy was confused by the change in her friend.