When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 437

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 437

Avery said sheepishly, “Is that so? You must just be imagining things.”

After she had happily eaten her fill, she took out her phone and sent a message to Eric, asking him if he was free on the first of May.

She did not expect him to reply so quickly.

After she had explained the matter to him, he quickly agreed.

“Tammy, Eric said he will be attending your wedding on the first of May.”

As soon as she finished her announcement, the girls broke into a cacophony of cheers!

Tammy, Lisa, and Ellie were all crazily excited.

In just a blink of an eye, Tammy told Jun the news.

Jun then told Ben the news.

“My wife said Avery was the one who invited him,” Jun said resentfully. “I suddenly don’t want to get married anymore. My wife is a fan of Eric’s… a crazy fan of Eric’s. Her good friends as well… They are all his fans. When the time comes, who would be looking at me? All of them would be looking at Eric! As the groom, all my thunder will be stolen. This is completely different from what I imagined the wedding would be!”

Jun felt upset, but he did not dare tell Tammy.

Ben sympathized with him, but he was delighted by Jun’s misfortune as well. “Don’t worry. You won’t be the only person feeling upset. Eric likes Avery. Elliot will probably be upset as well.”

Avery had worn a white sweater yesterday, and once again, in a stroke of sheer coincidence, her sweater matched Eric’s. Elliot was furious.

If Avery truly were to date Eric, perhaps Elliot would be up all night losing sleep.

“Does Elliot have a masochistic tendency? If any woman dared to hurt me, it would be kind of me not to double the repayment. It would be impossible for me to hold any feelings for her.” Jun was puzzled.

Ben said very objectively, “It’s not exactly a masochistic tendency. After all, Avery had also suffered heartbreak as well. He is just more stubborn when it comes to work and his relationships.”

Once he had made up his mind, it was impossible to change it.

Others would turn back when they hit a d**d-end, but he would not turn back.

“Oh, then should we tell him about this?” asked Jun.

After thinking about it for a few seconds, Ben said, “I’ll find a chance to tell him.”

Avery got back to her company at three in the afternoon.

Before she pushed open her office door, Mike called out to her.

“Avery, come over here!”

Avery strode over to Mike as soon as she heard his call. “What’s the matter?”

Mike took her by the arm and brought her to the reception room.

A man and a woman were sitting inside the reception room.

“They are from Fashion Forward, the magazine, and they would like to interview you,” Mike whispered in Avery’s ear. “I have checked them out. Fashion Forward is quite famous. Consider whether you want to be interviewed by them.”

After Avery gave it a quick thought, she nodded.

“Hello,” said Avery.

The journalists responded politely in kind. “Hello, Miss Tate. Is it alright if we first conduct a simple interview here, and then later, when you are free, you could come to our studio to have a few photos taken? If you are free now, we can begin the interview immediately. It will take half an hour.”

Avery looked at the time and gladly agreed.

“Miss Tate, are you going to enter into talks with Eric again after the events so far? Perhaps, you might want to make him an official ambassador of your brand? Have you considered making him an ambassador?” The reporter began with Eric, getting straight to the point.

Avery was not the least bit surprised.

If the scandal between her and Eric had not gone viral last night and caused a ruckus, a fashion magazine of this caliber would not have decided to interview her.

“There are no plans for that at the moment,” she replied.

“Eric said that you are his goddess, is he your dream hunk?” the reporter asked with a smile.

That question made Avery hesitate for a moment. “I guess so? I admire him greatly.”

“We found out from online sources that you had once been in a relationship with Elliot Foster, the president of the Sterling Group. May I know if this is true?” The reporter’s questions got more and more tricky.