When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 439

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 439

Avery pulled her phone further away from her ear as her eardrums hurt a little.

“Avery Tate! Don’t play d**d! Hurry up and tell me! Whose child you are carrying? Ah! I am going crazy! Where are you now?! I’ll come to you, and you will tell me everything— face-to-face!” Avery could not help but laugh at Tammy’s reaction.

“I am at home. Don’t come looking for me. I’m going to rest after I end this call,” Avery said lazily. “Whose child do you think I’m carrying… I’m telling you this because my morning sickness is starting to get worse now. Even eating has become a problem, let alone drinking… If someone were to persuade me to drink at your wedding, I’ll need you to help me get out of the situation.”

They had previously agreed to have fun together at Tammy’s bachelorette party the night before her wedding.

Once the group had gathered, it was a guarantee that they would start drinking.

She would be avoiding a lot of trouble by telling Tammy her situation beforehand.

“You’re pregnant so you certainly can’t drink! I won’t let you drink,” said Tammy, and then she made her guess, “You can’t be pregnant with Elliot’s baby, can you? My God! What are you two trying to do?”

When Avery heard his name, sleepiness instantly overwhelmed her.

Things between her and Elliot were temporarily irresolvable, so her mind would automatically avoid all information related to him.

That way she would not be in so much pain.

“Help me keep this a secret. The baby might not live for another three months.” Avery got up from the couch and walked upstairs.

“Alright, I’ll certainly help you keep it a secret,” said Tammy. Suddenly, she got angry. “Other than spreading his seed, what else can that j**k, Elliot, do? Is he still a man?”

Avery’s temples throbbed a little. “Don’t curse him anymore. This kind of thing won’t happen again in the future.”

She would just think of this child as her way of compensating him.

It did not matter whether she was able to deliver this child smoothly or not. All that mattered was that, after the birth of this child, she would no longer owe him anything.

“You’re really easy to bully!” Tammy stood up for Avery. “If he dares touch you again next time, you should just grab a pair of scissors!”

After Avery realized what Tammy had implied, both her cheeks instantly became a bright red.

“Tammy, don’t be angry. If the child is healthy, I will deliver the child. One more child will not be a problem for me.”

“Hmm. Go and rest! I won’t bother you anymore.”

It was evening when Ben’s car pulled into the yard of Elliot’s mansion.

He parked the car in the yard.

Elliot was in gray loungewear. He stood at the door and looked at Ben.

“I am here to mooch dinner off you.” Ben placed the gifts that he brought in the living room. After that, he told Elliot about what had happened at the company that day. Following that, he said, “Just continue resting at home! You look a lot better after resting for a day.”

Elliot ignored the comment.

“Where is Shea? I’ll go call her to dinner.” Ben looked around but he did not see Shea.

“She is not feeling well today.” Elliot walked toward the dining room. His strides were long. “Aren’t you putting a little too much effort into coming here just to mooch dinner off me?”

“I am mainly here to see you. How were you yesterday? I had a nightmare last night.” Ben kept nagging Elliot while keeping in step with him. “How is Shea not well? Is the injury on her head making her unwell? When is her third treatment?”

“You’re extra talkative today,” Elliot said with disgust. Something flashed in the depths of his eyes. “Is something up with you?”

“Nothing is up with me.” Ben got sheepish.

Elliot noticed his reaction and he did not continue hounding him anymore.

Both just coldly refused to give in like that. In the end, it was Ben who lost the battle.

“Are you really not going to Jun’s wedding?” Ben sat on the dining chair and raised his eyebrows. “Eric is going. Avery was the one who invited him.”

The calm mask that Elliot wore vanished.

“The booked a villa by the beach, the night before the wedding. They intend to party all night!” said Ben. “I don’t know if Eric will be going, but Avery certainly will
be going.

Elliot’s gaze was cold. He pushed all his emotions to the bottom of his heart. Three words coldly came out of his thin lips. “I’m not going!”