When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 441

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Once the call connected, Elliot briefed the family doctor on Shea’s condition and asked, “Is it true that she can recover by herself without the need for further surgery?”

On the other end, the family doctor did not dare make any guarantees. “It’s a good thing, but I can’t say for sure if she will continue to recover. One thing that’s certain is that going through with further surgery will damage her body.”

Elliot was aware of that. He had taken Shea to other doctors after the two craniotomies Zoe had performed on her. Shea had gone through a couple of other procedures since then, and Elliot was at a crossroad.

“Mr. Foster, have you consulted Dr. Sanford?” the family doctor asked.


“Oh… If you don’t plan on letting Dr. Sanford continue Shea’s treatment, perhaps you could try asking Avery Tate. I had a look at Eric Santos’s performance after he returned from his break, and he is doing great… Apart from not being able to dance like he did before, he could sing just as well, which means he is recovering well. It’s a miracle,” the family doctor exclaimed.

The family doctor was not aware that Avery was related to Elliot’s prior injury.

Elliot’s mood took a sudden turn. He had discussed this with Avery before.

Avery had once said that she would never treat Shea, even if she could, so he was not going to ask that merciless woman.

Meanwhile, inside a grand European-style mansion, Zoe had just finished dinner. She did not leave immediately after dinner like she usually did, because Wanda’s plan had not gone as foreseen.

Wanda had thought that Eric would lose all his fans once the scandal between him and Avery went public, but Eric had not lost many fans after explaining his relationship with Avery on social media.

Perhaps Eric had lost more fans than was immediately apparent, but, because of his huge fan base, the scandal had not truly affected his popularity. On the contrary, the discussion about his relationship with Avery had made him the most popular news topic. With his new songs selling out rapidly on all platforms, many people had become new fans of his, and he was as popular as ever.

“Aunt Wanda, what do you plan on doing next?” Zoe asked calmly, after taking a sip of her tea. “I heard that Tate Industries’ sales have reached a new high… With how expensive their drones are, all they need to do is to sell one and it would bring them the profit equivalent to a hundred of ours. They gain a hundred percent of their profits, whereas we are still putting capital into marketing… If this goes on, there won’t be enough money for you to carry on!”

“You are really not suited for managing a business if you are this impatient,” Wanda mocked. “Tate Industries belongs to Avery, not Eric. Eric’s fans can’t keep buying her products and, once the trend passes, their sales will naturally drop.”

“But you need to find a way to make it difficult for Avery!” Zoe set her teacup down and said with a dark expression, “I can’t stand seeing how smug she is!”

Wanda, on the other hand, was at ease. “I’ve already come up with a new plan! Just wait and see.”

Just then, Zoe’s father decided to intervene. “Zoe, Wanda already has her hands full with the company. You need to be more polite when you talk to her.”

Zoe glared at her father. “I am her majority stakeholder, and it’s my right to make sure that she does her job! I’ll listen to you once you find a way to invest 300 million into her company as well!”

With that, she stormed out.

Time flew by, and soon it was the end of April.

It was the night of Tammy and Jun’s bachelor and bachelorette parties, and they arrived at Starry River Villa early in the morning to pick Avery up.

It had been a while since Jun had last seen Avery, and he was stunned when he saw her. “Avery, why have you grown so thin? Are you ill?”

Tammy glared at him. “Shut up if you don’t have anything nice to say! Avery looks great! She is slim!”

Avery had lost three kilograms since she had gotten pregnant. She had not been able to eat anything apart from soup and some fruits.

She looked even better after losing weight but appeared fragile due to her lack of energy.