When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 442

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 442

Tammy helped Avery into the car, and Mike followed closely behind to lecture, ” Try talking some sense into her, Tammy! She refuses to eat because she is on a diet! It’s not right, but she doesn’t even recognize the severity of the issue! Look at how thin she’s gotten! She used to take walks around the area, and now she can’t even move…”

Tammy patted Mike on the shoulder. “I’ll talk to her. Don’t worry. She wants to go on a diet now, but maybe she will change her mind after a while.”

“Oh… Why didn’t you guys invite me out as well today?” Mike was jealous.

“Because you need to take care of the kids!” Tammy said.

Mike was speechless.

Once Tammy was inside the car, she waved goodbye to Mike. She closed the car door and took off.

Avery lay down in the backseat and asked, “Did you invite Chad?”

“Why would I? He is Elliot’s assistant… I didn’t invite anyone related to Elliot, including my husband’s senior, Ben.”

Avery could not help but chuckle.

“It’s not entirely about you… I just don’t like them. I’ve already told my husband to stay away from them,” Tammy explained. “You know that saying birds of a feather flock together? Elliot is scum, and so anyone around him couldn’t be any better. If I had met my husband a little later, he might have fallen under their influence as well.”

From the rearview mirror, Avery saw Jun pursing his lips, not daring to object.

“Avery, when did you buy this dress that you are wearing? It’s so pretty!” Tammy’s attention was drawn to Avery’s clothes. “This white jacket looks nice, too!”

Avery’s morning sickness had been intense, so she had stopped going to the office. Feeling bored while staying at home, she had started enjoying online shopping, and the clothes she was wearing were purchased online.

“Let me send you the link later!” she said.

“Sure! It’s been a while since I shopped online.”

Jun could not help but join in on the conversation from the passenger seat, “Avery, if you really want to lose weight, you can go shopping with Tammy more often! Shopping is a kind of exercise as well, and it’s better than not eating.”

Avery was about to respond when Tammy seized the chance and said, “It’s up to Avery how she wants to lose weight. Stay out of it.”

“Don’t be unreasonable, Tammy! I am only concerned for her health because she is your best friend—”

“Avery doesn’t need your concern. She only needs mine.”

Jun pursed his lips and sighed internally. Tammy did not usually speak to him in such a defensive manner, but she often became very protective when it concerned Avery.

“It’s bad enough that she won’t talk some sense into Avery for trying to lose weight like that, now she won’t even let others do it. What’s her problem?” he thought.

They arrived at the seaside mansion in an hour. The weather was great, and the sun shone bright, with temperatures going up to twenty-five degrees celsius.

Tammy and Avery got out of the car and walked toward the mansion hand in hand, while Jun took out his phone and snapped a picture of them from behind.

Once the photo was taken, he sent it to Ben with a message.

[Guess which one is Avery?]

Ben had not paid much attention to news concerning Avery since he last went to eat at Elliot’s house; after all, Elliot had said that he did not wish to hear anything about her anymore.

Ben narrowed his eyes at the photo and zoomed in. Tammy was very recognizable due to her ash grey colored hair. The woman next to her was dressed in a flowery dress and a white jacket.

One could hardly tell that it was Avery from behind because of how thin she looked. It was almost as though a breeze could easily blow her away.

Ben replied, [Don’t tell me that the woman in the flower dress is Avery.]

[That’s her! She went on a diet to lose weight and got so thin! I don’t know why she has to torture herself like this. Could it be for Eric’s sake? Otherwise, it doesn’t make sense.]

[…] Ben did not know what to say.

[It’s a shame that you can’t see it for yourself. She’s gotten so thin that she looks like a different person! I could barely recognize her when I first saw her this morning!]

[Aren’t you exaggerating?]

[No! But she looks good after slimming down as well. The diet is making her look so fragile and delicate. She looks so vulnerable! If she’d looked like this when she was with Elliot, those two would not have fought.]

[…] Ben once again did not know how to respond.