When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 443

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 443

Intrigued by Avery, Ben took a moment to think before sending a message to Jun.

[Snap a photo from the front and send it to me.]

[You can’t be thinking of sending it to Elliot, can you?]

[Hurry up!] commanded Ben.

There were heaters inside the mansion, so the temperature was slightly warm.

Both Tammy and Avery removed their jackets and sat down on the couch.

Tammy had prepared a lot of fruits and placed them before Avery.

Avery picked up a peach in surprise and said, “I thought it wasn’t the season for peaches yet.”

“You can have them at any time of the year you want, as long as you have money. Try it!” Tammy urged.

Avery nodded with a smile.

Jun took the chance to take a picture of her biting into the peach.

The photo looked great. Everything was perfect: structure, lighting, and the general outlook of the photo. Avery looked both seductive and adorable in the photo.

Jun sent the photo to Ben, and Ben could not help but exclaim after seeing it.

[Are those arms even real?]

Avery had worn a sleeveless dress beneath the jacket. It placed her slim and fair arms on display.

[Doesn’t she look like someone who’s lost weight because of a terminal illness?] Jun typed.

[You have such a big mouth. You shouldn’t wish for her to get sick, even if she has separated from Elliot!]

Jun figured that Ben had misunderstood him. [I’m not wishing her ill… You haven’t seen her in person, but it’s even more shocking to see her in real life!]

Ben instantly wanted to head over for a look, but he could not go alone. That was too awkward. He needed a companion.

He sat in his leather chair thoughtfully, before scrolling through his phone and locating Elliot’s number.

He could not send Elliot Avery’s photo as that would only set Elliot off. So, he opted for texting Elliot instead.

[Elliot, I’m sending you the financial report for the first quarter. Look through it when you have the time.]

Shortly after, Elliot replied. [Okay.]

Ben sent the financial report over with a smile. He had also “accidentally” attached Avery’s photo along with it. He stared at the screen after pretending to have “accidentally” sent the photo of Avery over.

He desperately wanted to know how Elliot would react, but he did not see Elliot’s reply despite refreshing the chat a few times.

“Could it be that he didn’t recognize Avery?!” Ben mumbled to himself. “That would be funny!”

Ten minutes had passed, yet there was still no reply, and Ben could no longer contain himself. He stepped out of his office and strode toward Elliot’s office.

Meanwhile, Elliot was in his office staring at the photo of Avery. He was scowling. He had not recognized Avery at first and had simply thought that the woman in the photo looked familiar.

It was only after he had seen Tammy, who was sitting next to the woman holding the peach, did he realize that the woman holding the peach was Avery.

“Why has she slimmed down so much? Is she sick? A person couldn’t possibly lose so much weight in such a short period of time if they weren’t sick,” he thought as his heart sank.