When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 444

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 444

Ben did not knock. He pushed the door to Elliot’s office open.

Elliot immediately set his phone down at the sound.

“Ahem! Elliot, I accidentally sent a photo of Avery to you…” Ben said, clearly faking fear.

Elliot looked up. “I wouldn’t do anything to you even if you’d just come out and said you sent it on purpose.”

Ben laughed awkwardly. “Jun said that Avery lost a lot of weight, and she looked almost as though she was sick. I didn’t believe it, so he sent me a photo of her.”

“I suppose she is not actually sick, considering that you are laughing right now.”

The smile on Ben’s face froze. “Um… I heard that it was because she was trying to lose weight. She sure is determined. There are plenty of ways to lose weight and she chose to go on a diet. Isn’t she a doctor? Doesn’t she know that not eating isn’t healthy? I feel like she’s lost her senses… This is almost as shocking as the time she tried to k**l you.”

Elliot’s composure faded as he set the documents down. “Why don’t you go work for Tate Industries instead, if you care so much about her?”

“Forget I said anything! I came here for something serious! I am getting off work a bit earlier today. I want to join them for their big meal.”

“Since when did you need to report your schedule to me?”

“Alright, no more beating around the bush. Do you want to come? Jun said that there will be a lot of pretty ladies around—”


Ben escaped swiftly.

Once the door was shut, Elliot unlocked his phone. Avery’s photo stared at him from the screen.

He zoomed in on the photo and saw the cheerful smile on Avery’s face. She looked the way he remembered her all those years ago when they had first met. She looked naive, young, and innocent.

It had been so long since he had last seen her this relaxed. She did not behave this way in front of him.

Back at the resort, the guests slowly began to arrive. Most of the guests were under the age of thirty, and they all looked fashionable and stylish.

Avery sat on the couch and felt as though she played audience to a fashion show.

There were no activities for the morning, so everyone simply gathered around to eat and cheerfully chat.

They had to prepare their own lunch, so everyone went over to the open kitchen to discuss who was to cook and what was to be cooked.

Avery had no appetite, so she went to rest in the guest room after informing Tammy of her plans.

When Jun spotted Avery walking away, he leaned over to Tammy and asked, “She can’t be thinking of skipping lunch, can she?”

“She is! Jun, I told you to stay out of it! Have you forgotten already?” Tammy shoved his head aside.

Jun grabbed onto Tammy’s wrist and said, “I think you are acting weird. You get all worked up whenever I mention her. It’s almost like you are scared that I might figure out something if I talk about her.”

“I don’t like you talking about her because you are on Elliot’s side.” Tammy made up an excuse and said, “Avery doesn’t want anything to do with Elliot anymore, so whether she is on a diet or not is none of your business!”

Jun sighed. “Fine! I’m only asking out of concern because I feel like she could just pass out at any moment.”

“I get it! But she’s not a child, and she doesn’t need others telling her what to do. If she really ends up fainting, we will just send her to the hospital.”

Jun did not know how to respond to his wife’s senseless statements.

After lunch, Tammy called everyone out to have fun on the beach, and the mansion instantly grew quiet.

Avery slept all the way until evening. Avery only woke up when she smelt the tantalizing scent of food which Tammy had brought for her.

“Avery, I brought you spicy chicken soup. My mom once told me that she couldn’t eat when she was pregnant with me, but she loved spicy chicken soup.” Tammy placed the bowl of spicy chicken soup on the coffee table in the room and said, “I kind of feel bad when I see you suffering so much. How long till this passes?” Avery got out of bed.