When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 452

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 452

Avery stared at Elliot’s handsome, yet expressionless face. She was too angry to speak. Prior to her pregnancy, she would have argued with him, but her pregnancy had weakened her, and she found that she no longer wanted to fight and argue with him.

If Elliot shamelessly insisted on staying in her room, there was nothing she could do. After all, he had let go of his pride entirely.

Elliot was confused that his words had not provoked Avery like he thought it would.

“Was I not straightforward enough, or has she already spoken to Eric about this?” he thought.

“Avery Tate, I won’t let you go no matter who you end up with in the future. You are not marrying someone else as long as I’m still breathing,” he said, further threatening her.

Avery felt nothing. She had not thought of marrying again, so his threats meant nothing to her.

“Do you want to be the ‘mistress’ that badly?” She stared directly into his eyes as she mocked him.

Embarrassment flashed briefly in Elliot’s eyes.

“If I’m in a relationship with Eric and you refuse to leave me alone, then you are the other man. A lover,” added Avery, taking advantage of Elliot’s silence.

As expected of someone as capable as Elliot, he readjusted himself swiftly and said, “So what if I’m a lover? I don’t mind.”

“See? He really is shameless,” she thought.

Avery shoved him aside and went to sit down by the bed, before taking out her skincare products.

She had stopped using skincare products ever since she found out that she was pregnant. She had found the scent of all the products to be intolerable, and the ingredients used to create the products were not suitable for pregnant women either.

After a while, her skin started to become flaky from the dryness, so Tammy bought her a set of skincare products that did not contain fragrance and were suitable for pregnant women.

Avery felt good after using them.

Elliot stared at her while she was carrying out her skincare routine. He was becoming increasingly more certain that she was on a diet and taking care of her skin for a man.

She used to be more casual and had rarely used skincare after showers back then.

Sensing his eyes on her, Avery looked up to meet his eyes.

“What are you staring at me for?” She snapped the cap back on the bottle once she was done. “Is there anything else you need? You can’t be thinking of sleeping in my room, can you?”

Her words seemed to have reminded him that he was, indeed, slightly light-headed after drinking the bottle of wine earlier.

He strode toward her and sat down. It was clear by his actions what he intended. He looked at her; the challenge was clear in his eyes. “I can’t?”

“Do you think three adults would be able to all fit on this bed?” she said.

Elliot could not quite understand Avery, but he glanced at the bed. It was spacious, but was it spacious enough for three adults…

He scowled defensively. “Who are you about to sleep with tonight?”

“Tammy, of course! She’s sleeping with me tonight.” Worried that Elliot might not believe her, Avery pointed at the red purse resting on the dressing table. “That’s her purse.”

Elliot stood up from the bed abruptly as though he had been shocked by electricity.

Avery desperately wanted to laugh, but she could not find it in herself to do so. She might have been able to run from Elliot this night, but what about the future?

She had thought that he would stop seeing her after he had had his heart broken from the incident before, but to her surprise, he refused to give up. She had never seen a man as stubborn and obsessive as him.

Elliot sobered up and turned to leave after standing up from the bed.