When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 453

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 453

Avery called after him, “Elliot, can you stay away from me from now on, if I give you a child like we agreed on?”

She did not want to be involved with him any longer.

Elliot stopped and responded coldly, “Give me the child first, and then we can negotiate.”

With that, he opened the door and stepped out of the room.

Ben was waiting outside the door and asked, “Elliot, are you okay?”

Avery heard him. She felt irritated, and she could not seem to suppress or avoid the emotions she felt.

She collapsed onto the bed once the footsteps outside the door disappeared into the distance. After a few minutes, she picked up her phone and video-called Mike.

Mike picked up immediately. “Avery, have you eaten?”

Mike was playing with Hayden and Layla.

Avery spotted a faint figure moving in the kitchen from her screen, but Mike adjusted the camera right away to focus on the children.

“I have…” Avery relaxed at the sight of her children. “Hayden, Layla, what are you two playing with?”

“We are playing with puzzles! I’m watching Hayden… because he won’t let me do it. He says I’m messing it up.” Layla pouted. “Mom, Uncle Chad cooked for us today.”

Stunned, Mike said, “Layla, didn’t I tell you not to tell your mom? You promised!”

“But I’ve already told Mom!” Layla said with an innocent expression. “It’s not like Mom would get angry.”

“Mike, have you forgotten about the surveillance camera outside our door? I saw Chad’s car parked outside our yard this evening,” Avery said.

Mike gaped at her.

Layla burst out laughing, “Silly uncle!”

“Aren’t you supposed to be on vacation? Why are you going through the surveillance footage?” Mike asked in confusion. “Are you laying in bed now? What’s going on with you? If you are there to sleep, why bother going all the way there for that?”

“A certain someone showed up,” said Avery in response to Mike’s question. “So I’m hiding in the room.”

“A certain someone?” Mike immediately realized what she meant. “Elliot is there as well? D**n! I thought he wasn’t going?”

“Let’s not talk about him.”

Mike left the room, taking his phone with him. Chad overheard their conversation and followed Mike outside as well.

“Avery, is he causing you trouble again? That b*st*rd!” Mike cursed.

“He won’t do that with so many guests around,” Avery said.

“Which means he would have if there weren’t so many guests, right?”

“Don’t freak out. What happened last time won’t happen again.”

“How can I not freak out? He’s crazy—”

Chad could not stand it any longer and snatched Mike’s phone out of his hand.

“Avery, I’ve read Mr. Foster’s medical report, and he is healthy. He is not crazy,” Chad argued, “He’s just stubborn and doesn’t like other people challenging him. He won’t hurt you as long as you refrain from arguing with him.”

Chad was right. Elliot was not all that crazy, and it was Avery who tended to lose her patience before him. She had a bad hold on her emotions.

This was an odd thing for Avery, as she was normally composed in front of everyone else. She would only transform into a completely different person when it came to Elliot.

If he said a word that annoyed her, she would be sure to return it by a thousandfold.

“Chad, I didn’t argue with him today,” Avery said awkwardly. “Thank you for cooking for my kids today.”

“Oh, it’s fine… Your bodyguard is on leave today, so Mike invited me over.”

Avery remained quiet for a few moments, before saying, “The bodyguard didn’t ask for leave! That’s just Mike’s excuse, I suppose?”

Chad fell silent when he heard that.

Mike thought, “Can you not expose my lie straight away?”

Avery ended the call with a smile when suddenly, she heard the sound of the doorknob turning.

The door swung open.