When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 454

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 454

“Avery!” Tammy stormed inside the room. “Do you know what Elliot just told my husband?”

Avery tensed and sat up from the bed, thinking, “Why did he go to Jun? Could it be that—”

“He told us that he was not going to attend our wedding, but just now he told Jun that he is attending the wedding!” roared Tammy. “How can he change his mind so quickly?”

Avery sighed a breath of relief.

“By the way, why did he come looking for you? What did you two talk about?” Tammy sat down by the bed and stared intently at Avery’s face. “He didn’t bully you, did he? I wanted to come help, but Ben said he will come up instead—”

“He didn’t,” Avery said calmly, “There are far too many guests around for him to lose his mind.”

“Good. Do you want to go out for a bit? The breeze out there is so cool tonight! It’s not cold!” said Tammy. “You probably can’t sleep this early.”

Without hesitation, Avery nodded. “I don’t have extra clothes though. Is my sleeping gown okay?”

“Hahaha! They are all in the pool right now, and everyone is in a swimsuit… so of course, it’s okay for you to wear your sleeping gown!” Tammy took her hand and led her out of the room.

It was seven at night and the shadows were long beneath the streetlights.

There were a lot of people playing by the ocean.

The temperature was approximately fifteen degrees celsius, and though it was cool, it was hardly cold.

Avery felt soberer in the sea breeze and mumbled, “Elliot should probably get some air as well.”

Perhaps the sea breeze would bring him to his senses.

“Huh? I think he went to rest. Not only was his face red when he talked to my husband just now, but even his eyes were red. He is really bad at drinking.” Tammy stepped on the soft sand and said, “He insisted on staying in the same mansion as us… so my husband ended up letting Elliot have his room. He is such a weird guy. Avery, how did you even manage a relationship with him?”

“I don’t really want to think about my past with him.”

Avery was scared that she would remember the good things about Elliot. Back when they were together, the sweet memories outweighed the bitter ones. He had seen her as something precious and had treated her with care.

At the time, he was the only thing on her mind apart from her study. First love was often unforgettable because it was the first time she had had a taste of love.

“Weren’t you the one who mentioned him first?” Tammy teased. “You are the one who felt something after seeing him tonight, right? After all, he did just prove how he feels about you in front of everyone.”

Avery said nothing.

“We showed him videos of famous actresses and s**y women tonight and he didn’t feel a thing! His heart only beats for you… Avery, do you know how envious my friends are?” Tammy continued to tease Avery. “Why didn’t I know how attractive you are until now? Beauty truly is in the eyes of the beholder, isn’t it?”

Avery cringed at Tammy’s words.

“We got into an argument tonight, actually.” Avery told Tammy what had happened and said, “He thought that I’m on a diet for Eric’s sake.”

“D**n! What a wild imagination he has! He might as well guess that you are doing it to debut as a movie star.” Tammy was laughing her head off.

“Maybe he didn’t think that because I’m too old for that. Idols these days start their career before they turn twenty, right?”

“Some start after they turn twenty as well, but of course, those people are the minority. Hahaha! So what did you tell him?”