When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 455

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 455

“I didn’t respond directly,” Avery said carelessly.

“That’s so mean! Are you trying to keep him on the hook? You know that he likes you, but you refuse to tell him the truth.”

Avery shook her head. “I just didn’t bother because he was being unreasonable.”

“Oh, that’s true. The two of you aren’t back together… Hey, is there a chance that you will get back with him?” Tammy grabbed Avery’s arm and stared at Avery whose hair fluttered in the wind.

“How could we?” Avery tucked her hair behind her ears. “He hasn’t even explained to me what is going on with Shea. Besides, I feel disgusted every time I am reminded that he had been in a relationship with Zoe. I would rather stay single for the rest of my life than get back together with him.”

“It makes sense that you would feel disgusted… He shouldn’t have gotten Zoe pregnant if he didn’t like her!” Tammy commented. “Why else do you think I call him a dirtbag all the time? How dare he act all loyal and in love with you right now? Ugh!”

Avery chuckled. “I used to get all worked up when I think of him, but I don’t feel as annoyed today. Something funny happened, too… He said that he will become my lover so that he might destroy all my relationships and prevent me from ever getting married.”

Tammy was stunned for a few moments, before bursting into laughter after finally comprehending what Avery meant.

“Are you really talking about the Elliot Foster that I know?” Tammy was laughing her head off. “My husband would never believe it if I told him this!”

“Maybe it’s because he drank tonight.” Avery thought back to his comments and felt that the entire event had been a dream.

Though Elliot was occasionally shameless, he could not possibly be this childish.

“He only had one bottle… He can’t possibly be that drunk.” Tammy took a deep breath and said, “He likes you but couldn’t get his hands on you, so he does not want you to marry another man?! You better pray that you don’t meet your true love in the future, or things are going to be very complicated…”

Avery gazed up at the sky, glittering with stars that shone beautifully.

“I hope that everything goes well with no accidents for Tammy’s wedding tomorrow,” she thought.

Within a blink of an eye, it was the morning of the next day.

Tammy and Jun’s wedding was held at the most sophisticated five-star hotel in the city.

Both Layla and Hayden woke up early in the morning and started demanding to be sent to the hotel so that they could see their mother. Mike had to wake up extra early so he could send them both to the hotel.

To their surprise, all the guests arrived rather early, and there were already quite a lot of people in the restaurant of the hotel.

“The two of you need to follow me, and don’t go running around,” Mike reminded the children while holding a plate in his hand. “I know you won’t get lost, but we still need to be careful. After all, your mom is earning a lot more now. What do we do if some bad people decide to kidnap you and blackmail your mom?”

Fear crept into the faces of both Hayden and Layla. Terrified by what Mike had said, Layla grabbed onto the hem of his clothes while Hayden took a plate and went to search for food that he liked.

Suddenly, someone tapped Hayden on the shoulder, and he looked up.

“Hayden Tate, I know everything now,” Shea said while latching onto Hayden’s arm, “You are my brother’s son, so I’m your aunt.”

Hayden gaped at Shea and could not react to her hand on his hand.

“I haven’t told my brother yet,” Shea continued, “but you have to call me auntie from now on.”

Hayden flung her hand off coldly. “Are you saying that you are Elliot Foster’s sister? Where’s the proof?”