When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 469

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 469

Elliot had not been able to get a wink of sleep, and he was currently catching up on his sleep.

When his phone rang, he got up to answer the call.

“Sir, Mike said he wanted to hire a nanny to help Avery out. He accepted my offer to help him look for one.”

Chad had received new orders from Elliot last night, telling him to keep an eye on Avery’s movements through Mike.

Chad thought it was nice of his boss to do that.

Elliot was clearly doing this because he wanted to be a responsible father, because of that, Chad had agreed to carry out his orders without hesitation.

“I see. I’ll arrange something,” Elliot said hoarsely.

“Also, Avery went viral today. Someone got an entertainment news company to post photos of Hayden and Layla that had been taken by the paparazzi. The article went so far as to reveal that Avery was a single mother and that her personal life was a mess…” said Chad, finishing his report.

Elliot’s eyes furrowed as he said, “Look into it immediately and find out who’s behind this.”

“Yes, Sir. Mike said Avery woke up at six in the morning and has been in a state of panic over the news. Since she’s pregnant, her emotions are easily affected. She must be upset over this. Why don’t you go cheer her up?”

“How would I do that?”

“She can’t eat much right now. You should get her a gift.”

Elliot massaged the space between his brows, then said, “Do you think she’d accept anything from me?”

“Even if she doesn’t, I’m sure she would be able to feel your sincerity.”

Elliot thought that made sense.

He refused to let her abort the baby, and he could not take the hardships she faced from her.

It was only natural that he show her his support in the form of a gift.

Over at the Starry River Villa, Mike told Avery about wanting to hire a nanny for her.

“Aren’t things fine the way they are right now?” Avery said with furrowed brows. “It’s not like I’m so nauseous I can’t get out of bed. Besides, the kids are going back to school soon, so there isn’t much else to do.”

“Don’t you plan on spending any of the money you made?” Mike teased. “How much could hiring a nanny cost?”

“It’s not about the money… It’s just weird having a stranger live in our home.”

“We don’t have to hire a stay-at-home nanny. We could just get someone to come in during the day to clean and cook.”

“Fine. Bring them over to the house once you’ve found someone suitable,” Avery said, giving up the fight. She then changed the subject and asked, “Do you have a date today?”

“I don’t! Why?” Mike said.

“Layla and Hayden have class activities… If you have time today, could you please take them to the science museum so that they might pick up a thing or two about airplanes? And please help them take some photos while you are there.”

“You got it! I’ll take them when you’re taking your afternoon nap,” Mike responded.

At eleven in the morning, Avery was sitting on the couch with a book in her hands.

Mike and the children were playing with a new toy.

I Suddenly, the doorbell rang.

When Avery looked outside, she saw Elliot and Shea standing side by side outside her gate, in front of a black luxury sedan.

Mike felt suspicious when he saw them, but he opened the gates anyway.

Once the gates were opened, Elliot and Shea very quickly made their way into the living room.

Shea was holding a bag in her hands.

“Layla! Hayden! I’ve brought gifts for you!” Shea said as she distributed the gifts to the children.

Finally, she pulled out an exquisite gift box, handed it over to Avery, and said, ” This one’s for you, Avery! Open it up and take a look!”

Avery was surprised.

She opened the box and saw the extravagant diamond necklace inside of it.

She was a little taken aback.

Why would Shea give her such a lavish present?

“Wow! I love this necklace! Can I trade with you, Mommy?” Layla pleaded.

Shea anxiously interjected and exclaimed, “No! Big Brother got that for Avery! He told me to give it to her for him!”

Both Elliot and Avery were speechless.