When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 47

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 47

Elliot felt like a joke.

Why did Avery not want to be discovered by her friend?

Was it that embarrassing for her to be seen with him?

The recital began soon after, and Avery calmed down.

It was a good thing that Tammy did not see her!

She wondered where Tammy was seated.

She wanted to turn and look around, but reason stopped her from acting rashly.

Tammy was at the recital with another friend and was seated in the fifth row.

“Who’s that on the first row? Three people taking up all those seats. What a waste!”

Tammy was complaining to her friend who was scrutinizing the row of nearly empty seats

“Probably someone rich! We’re on the fifth row and the tickets cost over a hundred and fifty bucks, so I bet first row tickets are expensive! It looks like they reserved the whole row. You can tell right away that that guy in the middle is super-rich. The woman next to him is either his daughter or his lover. The muscular guy on the other side is definitely his bodyguard.”

Tammy agreed with her friend’s analysis.

“That woman on the left looks a lot like my best friend!” Tammy said as she stared at the back of Avery’s head.

“How could you tell from her back?” asked her friend.

“What kind of best friend would I be otherwise? Of course, I know what her back looks like!”

The more Tammy looked at the woman, the more she thought she looked like Avery.

She pulled out her phone and sneakily took a photo.

“You can’t take pictures in the concert hall!” sighed the friend. “You might as well go to the first row and check it out!”

“Forget it, the recital’s about to start anyway,” Tammy said as she sent the photo to Avery.

Avery felt her phone vibrate in her pocket.

She pulled it out and saw Tammy’s text message.

Tammy: [Avery, doesn’t this woman look a lot like you?]

Avery’s heart almost burst out of her chest, and she unconsciously sank further into her seat.

Seeing her odd reaction, Elliot turned his head and looked behind him.

“D*mn, he’s hot!” Tammy exclaimed when she saw Elliot’s handsome face.

“Holy sh*t! Isn’t that Elliot Foster?!” cried her friend.

“That’s Elliot Foster?”

“Yeah! Did you forget that I’m a business major? Of course, I’d know him. That’s definitely Elliot Foster!”

Tammy let out a sigh and said, “If that’s the case, then that woman next to him can’t be my Avery. Why would she be sitting next to him?”

She then sent another text to Avery.

Tammy: [Sigh, it can’t be you, because the man next to her is Elliot Foster! Do you know who he is? He’s super-rich and super hot! I couldn’t breathe when he turned to look at me just now!]

When Avery saw Tammy’s message, she could not help but sneak a peek at Elliot.

Super hot?

Why did she not see it?

Tammy sent another text moments later.

Tammy: [My friend’s planning on getting a photo with him later. Do you think I should ask for one, too? I wonder if he’ll do it.

Avery’s phone felt like fire in her hands.

“Elliot…” she called out to him under her breath, “I’m suddenly really hungry… Let’s go get something to eat!”

She would get caught red-handed if she did not leave now.

The mere thought of it terrified her.

Before Elliot could answer, she picked up her coat with one hand and grabbed onto his arm with the other. She hunched as she pulled him out of the hall

Avery brought their time at the recital to an abrupt end in less than ten minutes.

This was the first time Elliot Foster had taken a woman to a recital.

He had never cared for such things, but he overcame his emotional barriers just to make her happy.

With his current status, Elliot was bound to be the center of attention everywhere he went.

Not only did Avery not appreciate this opportunity to spend some alone time with him, but she was mortified at the idea that someone might see them together.

Her behavior was a huge slap on his proud face.

Once they were out of the concert hall, Elliot shook off her hand and stormed off without turning back.

Avery was hit by a sudden realization as she watched his tall figure walk away from her.

Was asking her to the recital his way of taking her out on a date?

Even so… were not both parties supposed to agree to the date?

Had he wanted to surprise her?