When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 471

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 471

It was nothing but a ludicrous fantasy!

With reddened eyes, Elliot got up from the couch.

“Don’t ever come here again,” Avery said as she stared at him with cold eyes. “I’m sure you haven’t forgotten what you did to my son. He will always remember what you did every time he looks at you.”

Elliot’s Adam’s apple bobbed in his throat.

“All you saw was that I attacked him, but did you ever ask him what he said to me?”

“No matter what he said to you, you could always use your words. Was there a need to get physical?”

She was right.

He was wrong!

“That’s exactly that kind of ruthless, savage person I am!” Elliot snapped.

“I don’t need a self-introduction!” Avery said as she shot a glare at him. “I already know that!”

The light extinguished from Elliot’s eyes as hopelessness took over.

He suppressed the desire to explain himself and maintain the little reason and self-respect he had left.

He picked up the gift box from the coffee table, then left the house.

Avery took a deep breath.

She watched with reddened eyes as Elliot stepped out of the villa.

She continued to watch as he chucked that lavish gift right into the trash can in the front yard!

“What a maniac!” she thought.

Not only was he insane, but did he want to make everyone around him lose their minds as well?!

Once Elliot drove off, grinding her teeth, Avery walked outside.

The bodyguard noticed she was walking outside as he emerged from the kitchen, then quickly followed her.

“Where are you going, Miss Tate?”

Avery did not respond.

She stopped in front of the gate, opened up the trash can, and pulled out the gift box that Elliot had thrown.

The bodyguard was dumbfounded.

Avery could have ordered him to go through the trash. There was no need for her to do something like that herself!

“It’s a good thing we use trash bags in the house,” said the bodyguard as he tried to lighten the awkward atmosphere. “The gift box still looks pretty clean!”

Avery gripped the box tightly in her hand and walked back into her house.

The bodyguard trailed along behind her and said, “Forgive me for speaking out of turn, Miss Tate, but Mr. Foster has been really polite since he got here earlier… Maybe you shouldn’t have rained on his parade. Since you picked up his gift, it shows that you’re not a heartless, cold-blooded person. Why are you always acting like such a cruel woman?”

Avery suddenly turned to face him.

“There isn’t enough time in the world to explain the grudge between us. You don’t need to know what happened between us, but you shouldn’t come to your own conclusions about it.”

She raised the box in her hand, and continued, “As to why I went back for this… It’s because I’m not used to seeing people trample on beautiful things! I hate him because this is something he regularly does!”

The bodyguard was speechless.

The Memorial Day weekend went by in a breeze.

At the president’s office at Sterling Group, Ben knocked on the office doors and entered the room.

He walked toward the desk, then placed a few books on top of it.

“Elliot, I got these from the bookstore for you. I hope you find them useful.”

Elliot glanced coldly at the pile of books.

‘The Pregnancy Bible’

‘The Sears Encyclopedia of Intimate Parenting’

‘Caring for your Fetus’

‘Caring for your Baby’


Elliot shoved the books into his desk drawer.

Ben pursed his lips, then said with a confused look on his face, “Why do you look so depressed when you’re about to be a dad? Don’t you want the kid? From what I heard, you seem to really want this kid!”

“Didn’t you hear about the fight I had with Avery?”

“Oh… About that… I might have heard something about it. Women lose their temper easily when they’re pregnant. Hang in there.”

“She’s upset about my past with Zoe. She knew I was forced into it, but she doesn’t care about the reason, only the result,” Elliot said as a wave of gloom washed over his face. “She doesn’t love me, so she can’t accept even the smallest mistake I make.”