When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 473

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 473

The bodyguard felt like things were about to get out of control.

He quickly sent their location to Mike along with a text message.

[Miss Tate’s going head to head with Wanda Tate! Get over here!]

When Mike saw the location of the hotel, which the bodyguard had sent over, he fell into complete shock.

Avery had thrown up this morning after barely having a bite or two of her breakfast. She could barely get out of bed.

How did she find the energy to go after Wanda Tate?!

Mike grabbed his keys and rushed out of the office.

Back at the hotel, Avery casually walked onto the stage.

She took the microphone from the host and turned to Wanda.

“I have a question for you, Madam Tate,” she asked loudly. “Is your assistant’s name Faye Johnson?”

Wanda’s eyes were cold as she said, “I don’t think that question has anything to do with our talk today.”

“Aren’t we discussing the advantages of marketing for the success of a business?” Avery said, then pulled out a few pieces of paper.

Everything on stage was being projected onto the large screen, which made it easier for the audience to clearly see what was happening.

“On the night of Memorial Day, your assistant bribed a certain entertainment company to release a slanderous article on me. After that, she contacted the team which controls the trending topics on a certain social media website. All in all, you spent about seventy-five thousand dollars. Did you report these expenses?”

Wanda’s expression turned livid as she saw the evidence in Avery’s hand.

“Since you’re so shameless, of course, I’ll expose you in public!” Avery said and threw the papers in Wanda’s face, “I’ve already reported this to the police! You just need to sit and wait for a subpoena!”

Seeing this, Wanda’s bodyguard rushed onto the stage, grabbed Avery’s arm, and yanked her off the stage.

The entire venue broke into chaos!

Avery’s bodyguard charged toward her and roared, “Let go of her! F*ck! She’s—”

He wanted to say that she was pregnant, but he held back when he remembered that it was a private matter that she had not made public.

“Get your hands off me!” Avery cried in pain.

Two of Wanda’s bodyguards had tightened their grips on Avery’s arms.

Her bodyguard rushed over and jerked away one of the bodyguards.

The other bodyguard violently shoved Avery away, then said, “She started it! Don’t blame me for being rough! Get out of here now!”

Shoved, Avery landed on the ground with a hard thud.

Her head slammed onto the ground, but she wrapped her arms around her belly in reflex.

“Miss Tate! Are you okay?”

Avery’s bodyguard was terrified. Without another thought, he picked her up into his arms and ran outside.

“I’ll take you to the hospital! There’s one nearby!”

At that moment, Avery’s phone began to ring frantically in her bag.

Mike was in his car and waiting impatiently at a red light.

He put on his bluetooth earphones and called Avery, but nobody was answering.

He tried calling the bodyguard, but there was no answer either.

Mike was a nervous wreck.

He called Chad and got an answer right away.

“Avery is insane! She was just throwing her guts up this morning but went and looked for Wanda Tate the second I left for work!” Mike said through gritted teeth. “I can’t reach her or her bodyguard right now! Traffic won’t f*cking move!”

“Do you know where she is?” Chad said calmly. “I’ll go to her.”

“I’ll send you the location!”

Mike hung up, then sent the hotel’s location to Chad.

Half an hour later, Elliot received a call from Chad.

Chad did not dare mention that Avery was at the hospital after getting pushed to the ground.

He simply told Elliot that Avery was at the hospital.

You don’t need to come if you’re busy, Sir. Mike and I will be here to watch her,” said Chad.

Elliot shut his laptop, then walked out of his office.

With a deep frown, he snapped coldly, “What’s the use of watching her?! What happened?!”