When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 475

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 475

“It was Elliot Foster?!” she thought frantically.

At the hospital, Mike was keeping Avery company in the hospital room.

Chad was standing outside the room waiting for Elliot.

When Elliot arrived, Chad quickly clamped his emotions and said, “Sir, the doctor said that Avery needs to rest right now. She needs to stay in bed for at least a week. She’s not supposed to go through any stressful emotions, so—”

“Are you holding me back?” Elliot snapped as he glared at Chad with cold eyes.

Chad instantly surrendered and opened the door to the hospital room for him.

Once Elliot entered the room, Chad shot Mike a look, telling him to leave.

Mike ignored him, puffed up his chest, and said, “The baby’s gone.”

A strange emotion flashed across Elliot’s eyes.

“Leave us. I want to talk to Avery,” he said hoarsely.

Avery was in a daze, but she turned to him after hearing his words.

Chad stormed in and dragged Mike out of the room.

Only Elliot and Avery were left in the room.

Elliot sat down by the bed and held Avery’s hand which was hooked to the IV. “Avery, it’s fine if the baby’s gone. Don’t be too sad,” he said gently.

His comforting words left Avery speechless.

She watched his dazzling, handsome face and felt as if she was in a magnificent dream.

How could he be so composed about her losing the baby?

“You need to take care of yourself and get your health back,” Elliot said.

Avery’s blank face made his heart tighten in his chest.

Whether she wanted the child or not, she had gone through many days of suffering for it. Now that the baby was gone, she must be heartbroken.

“Take care of my health…” Avery mumbled her brows furrowed. “Then, what?”

Elliot stared at her delicate face.

Elliot knew what was causing her to doubt him, and he also knew what she was afraid of.

He knew that she feared that the only reason he was caring for her now was so that he could impregnate her again.

“I’ve never seen you as my enemy, Avery.”

Elliot watched Avery’s ashen face, and he could not bring himself to say anything that might trigger her.

“I won’t force you to carry another child.”

His words unraveled the knot in Avery’s heart.

“Didn’t you ever suspect that I might have fallen down on purpose?” she asked.

Elliot’s eyes widened in disbelief as he said, “It looks like you don’t only see me as a monster, but a maniac too.”

Avery felt like laughing.

“Don’t be so reckless again, Avery,” Elliot said sternly when he saw her relax, ” Neither crashing a symposium nor going on stage to confront someone are reasonable actions.”

Avery was upset at being told off.

“You’ve always used violence against your enemies. I’m afraid my recklessness can’t compare to yours.”

“So, looks like you can still fight back,” Elliot said frustratedly. He opened the container of food on the table, took a look at it, then asked, “Do you want some soup? It’s still warm.”

“I can’t keep it down. I’ll throw up.”

Elliot was confused as he asked, “You’re still nauseous? Why are you showing early pregnancy symptoms if the baby’s gone?”

He thought that the early pregnancy symptoms would disappear immediately after a m*********e.

“The doctor never said anything about the baby being gone,” Avery said nonchalantly.

Mike had lied to him earlier.

She wanted to see his reaction, so she did not expose his lie.

Elliot slammed the bowl of soup on the table.

He did not feel too happy knowing that the baby was alive, instead, he was filled with a wave of rising anger that came with being deceived.

He shot up from his seat and walked toward the door.

“Mike wasn’t completely wrong. The doctor told me to be on bed rest. The baby might still be fine for now, but we don’t know if that would still be the case a week from now.”

Elliot instantly froze in his tracks and his entire body stiffened.