When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 476

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 476

Avery’s heart ached at the sight of Elliot’s rigid back.

“Whether or not this baby makes it, I hope you can stay calm. The risk of a m*********e is there with every pregnancy, and not every child is successfully carried to term.”

She told him this because she felt a bad feeling well up in her heart.

She had been pessimistic ever since she found out she was pregnant.

She had gotten pregnant while undergoing treatment. If it were not for luck being on her side, the child would not have made it under normal circumstances.

Every time there was luck, there was also a possibility of loss.

Avery’s words hurt Elliot.

He turned to face her and said, “Are you trying to make me feel better? Who exactly is the one who can’t stay calm? Didn’t you test me just now? Since you never wanted this child in the first place, then let’s just act as if it’s already d**d.”

He turned and stormed out of the room.

After Elliot left, Mike entered the room and asked, “Why did he leave so soon? What did you tell him? He didn’t look like he was in a good mood. Did he really think the baby was gone?”

Avery’s eyes were unfocused and she was lost in her thoughts.

“Mike… He’s actually… Not that awful to me… Is he?”

Mike placed his hands on his hips, took a deep breath, then said, “Do you have feelings for him?”

Avery lowered her gaze. Her long lashes fluttered as she said, “When you told him the baby was gone, he told me to take care of myself and that he won’t force me to get pregnant again.”

“When he’s rude to you, you think he’s the worst. Now that he’s showing a hint of kindness, you think he’s a saint. I’m worried you’ve got Stockholm syndrome or something, Avery.”

Avery shot Mike a cold look.

“What are you glaring at me for? I’m just reminding you to keep your guard up no matter how nice he is to you.”

He pulled a chair up by the bed, then continued, “I’m begging you, Avery. No matter what you decide to do from now on, at least let me know about it! Won’t you cry yourself to d***h if you lost the baby? Even if you weren’t pregnant, you shouldn’t have gone and confronted Wanda Tate like that! You want her d**d, but she wants to k**l you, too!”

Avery admitted that she had acted too recklessly that day.

It was a last minute decision to go see Wanda.

She could not bring herself to let things slide.

“I should’ve listened to you back then,” Avery said.

“Exactly! You should’ve listened to me in the first place! Everything I do is for your own good!”

“I should’ve listened to you and hired a few more bodyguards. If I had gone to the hotel today with more bodyguards than Wanda had, she would’ve been the one being flung to the ground and not me,” Avery said.

Mike was absolutely speechless.

About half an hour later, Wanda appeared in Avery’s hospital room with her assistant, Faye Johnson, to apologize.

Faye fell to her knees in front of Avery’s bed.

“I’m sorry, Miss Tate! It was all my fault! I’m disgusting! I deserve to d*e!” she cried as she slapped herself in the face again and again.

The sound of her palm striking against her cheek echoed through the room.

Avery watched the performance, then shifted her gaze to stare at Wanda’s face.

“Let me guess, if I take this to court, all you have to do is pay a fine. This is nothing much to you at all.” Avery had a hunch, then asked, “Who sent you here?”

Wanda’s smile didn’t reach her eyes when she said, “Why are you acting all innocent? Elliot Foster still cares about you even after you’ve broken up. Did you give him some kind of love potion?”

“I see… In that case, why aren’t you on your knees!?!” Avery snapped as her voice grew louder. “Even if your assistant slaps herself rotten, nothing can hide the fact that you were the one who orchestrated the entire thing!”

Elliot had not made Wanda come and apologize to Avery.

Avery needed rest, so he would not allow Wanda to disturb her peace during this crucial time in her recovery.

Wanda was the one who had brought her assistant to apologize because she was concerned for Faye’s safety.

Who would have expected Avery to threaten her this way?!

Wanda was afraid of escalating things to the point of no return.

She clenched her jaw, then fell to her knees.

She silently swore in her heart that she would one day make Avery return today’s humiliation tenfold!

As Avery sat up in bed and watched Wanda kneeling in front of her, the unhappiness in her heart subsided.