When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 478

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 478

Avery walked into the hospital and was about to go to the maternity unit when Mike caught hold of her and dragged her to get an ultrasound scan.

Avery raised her brows and questioned him with her eyes.

“I think… You should get an ultrasound scan right away,” Mike tried to speak nonchalantly but failed.

In the end, he said, “Elliot’s here. He’s waiting for you at the ultrasound room.”

Avery shook off his grip, then snapped unhappily, “When did you start working for him?”

Mike raised his hand and swore, “I’m not! Chad told me!”

“Chad works for him. What’s the difference between Chad bribing you and Elliot bribing you?”

“Of course, it’s different! Chad isn’t like that dirtbag! He’s not an unreasonable person!,” Mike argued as he held Avery’s arm. “Chad promised me he’d quit if that dirtbag ever picks on you again!”

“Still, you don’t have to tell them everything!”

“I didn’t tell them everything… I didn’t tell them that your appetite’s gotten better the past couple of days, or that you haven’t been throwing up as much, and that you have a feeling the baby’s gone…” Mike sighed, then said, “It’s such a shame for a child to be gone just like that. Will you be going into surgery today, then?”

With a heavy heart, Avery said, “I’ll have to go into surgery if there’s no heartbeat.”

Her early pregnancy symptoms drastically decreased in the past few days.

Avery did not feel relieved or happy about it at all because it meant that there was a possibility that she had lost her child.

She had had a big breakfast before coming to the hospital, but she did not feel nauseous at all.

Although she was prepared to find out that she had lost the baby, the agony she had been feeling rose as she stepped into the hospital.

She also did not expect Elliot to show up.

“How would he feel if he found out the baby was gone?” she wondered.

Avery and Mike took the elevator to the ultrasound lab.

When the elevator doors opened, Avery’s eyes landed on the man standing outside the ultrasound room.

Elliot was wearing a light gray shirt and a pair of casual, dark trousers.

It was different from the way he usually dressed— less dark.

Each step Avery took grew heavier as she approached him.

Elliot watched as she walked toward him.

He wanted to say hello, but he could only focus on taking her in with his eyes as she got closer.

Avery looked good, and her cheeks were fuller.

It seemed like the past week had been kind to her.

She strode past him and entered the ultrasound room.

Elliot followed her closely.

Avery lay down on the bed, then pulled up her shirt.

The doctor applied the cold lubricant onto her abdomen, then began to press the ultrasound wand to her skin.

Since Elliot was standing next to her, Avery shut her eyes and waited for the results in silent torment.

Moments later, the doctor asked, “Are you experiencing any other symptoms at this point, Miss Tate?”

Avery opened her eyes, looked at the doctor, and said, “My appetite’s gotten better.”

The doctor smiled, then said, “That’s good. Is there anything else apart from the increased appetite? Any bleeding, for example?”

“No, nothing like that,” Avery answered.

“Okay. The baby seems to be doing well so far,” the doctor said, then took a few pieces of tissue and wiped Avery’s abdomen. “You can continue to stay home and rest if you’re worried. You can come back again when the baby’s three months old.”

Avery was frozen in shock.

“The baby was fine?!

“The early pregnancy symptoms… Just ended early?” she thought.

Seeing Avery in a trance, Elliot helped her out of the bed and said, “Did you think the baby was gone?”

Avery’s cheeks flushed. Elliot had seen right through her.

Once the ultrasound scan was printed out, they walked out of the room together.

Mike stepped forward and said, “Don’t be sad, Avery! Forget about the baby. Your health is more important than anything!”

Then, he pulled out an appointment slip and said, “I already found a doctor to carry out the surgery for you!”

Avery was at a loss for words.

With a dark expression, Elliot snatched the slip out of Mike’s hand, tore it to pieces, and tossed it into the trash.

A savage fury raged in Mike’s light blue eyes!