When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 479

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“The baby’s fine, Mike,” Avery said, embarrassed.


Avery grabbed Mike’s arm and walked toward the elevator.

“Let’s head to the office!”

“Is the baby really okay?” Mike asked in disbelief. “Did the doctor say you can go back to work?”

“Yes, it’s fine.”

The baby was safe and her condition improved, going to work should not be a problem.

Chad stood next to Elliot and said, “Congratulations, Sir! The baby will be three months old soon. Once it’s stable, a m*********e is unlikely.”

Elliot’s emotions were a mess.

He had a nightmare last night that the baby was gone.

It was a good thing that it was all nothing but a scare.

When Avery arrived at Tate Industries, the vice president immediately came up to give her his report.

The heads of each department regularly sent her emails on the company’s various affairs.

Although she was not in the office, she was up to date with everything that was happening in the company.

While the vice president gave her his report, Avery picked up a magazine from the table.

It was the Fashion Forward magazine that had interviewed her before.

Avery was on the front cover.

The original plan was for her to go to their studio for a photo shoot, but since she was sick, she ended up sending a few photos to them.

The photo the magazine chose was a lifestyle shot taken when she was in graduate school.

In the photo, she was holding a cup of coffee and was smiling brightly beneath the sun’s warm rays.

Avery opened the magazine and found the article from her interview.

Apart from the question and answer section, there was also a section about her personal introduction.

It was filled with praise.

Avery blushed and shut the magazine.

“We bought five thousand copies of the magazine, Miss Tate,” said the vice president when he noticed her interest in the magazine.

Avery was stunned.

“Didn’t Mike tell you?” The vice president chuckled. “He said to distribute it to all of our staff, then send one each to all of our customers.”

Avery’s temples began to throb.

“Why wasn’t I informed about this?!”

“This behavior is too pompous!” she thought.

Those who did not understand might think that she wanted to become a celebrity!

“Mike said he paid for the magazine with his own money and not the company’s, which is why I didn’t tell you.”

“Just give them to the staff. Don’t send them to the customers!”

With an embarrassed expression on his face, the vice president said, “They were already couriered out this morning…”

Avery picked up a glass of water and took a sip to calm her nerves.

“Have they been sent out to all of our customers?”

“I think so! We followed the list from the sales department. We only sent it to our biggest clients.”

“Show me the list…’

The vice president noticed her discomfort, then guessed, “Did you want to see if Sterling Group was on the list, Miss Tate? They’re our ultimate client, so I already asked my assistant to drive over and personally deliver it to them.”

Avery buried her face in her hands.

At eleven that morning, the latest issue of Fashion Forward magazine was delivered to Elliot’s office at Sterling Group.

When Elliot returned to his office after a meeting, his eyes were drawn by the magazine on his table before he could even take a seat.

He could not miss the fact that Avery was on the cover of the magazine!

He picked it up and glanced at the headline of the interview.

‘An Exclusive Interview with Goddess Avery Tate: My Dream Hunk is Eric Santos’

A chill washed over Elliot’s face as he threw the magazine onto the table with a loud slam!