When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 48

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The more Avery thought about it, the more erratic her breathing became.

Was this proof that Elliot was in love with her?

Otherwise, why would he go and do something that he considered a waste of time?

She felt a sudden chill run down her spine.

Her hand instinctively drifted to her lower abdomen.

She was now more than three months pregnant. She had been watching her diet, so her baby bump was not showing at all.

By the time she reached the fifth and sixth months, she could still hide her bump under loose clothing.

What would happen when she was near the end of her term?

No matter how skinny a pregnant mother was, she would not be able to hide her baby bump once that time came.

If she was still by Elliot’s side by then, she would definitely get caught.

Avery wandered aimlessly around the streets.

She was holding her jacket in her arms, and she was wearing nothing but a light t-shirt, but she did not feel the cold breeze.

Her feelings for Elliot confused her.

It was exactly like the answer she gave him the night before.

She did not have the courage to love him. She despised his previous domineering and arrogant behavior.

She could not say that she did not love him either, because somewhere deep down inside her heart, she did in fact have feelings for him!

She was just too embarrassed and too cowardly to admit it.

The babies she was carrying were standing between the two of them.

If she wanted to keep the children, then she had to leave him.

At the end of the day, she was not a cold-hearted machine. Her body and actions would not necessarily follow every instruction that came from her rational mind.

When exactly did she begin to fall in love with Elliot? She could not answer that question.

She had hated him to d***h when he forced her to get an a******n.

Avery arrived home that evening and placed a gift box on the coffee table in the living room.

“Mrs. Cooper, this is for Elliot. Please let him know when he gets back later,” Avery informed.

Mrs. Cooper beamed as she said, “Now, that’s the way! Your life here would be much easier if he’s happy with you. If for nobody else but yourself, you should care more about his mood.”

Mrs. Cooper’s words made sense, but Avery said indifferently, “I’m a little hungry.”

“Dinner’s ready. How about you take a bite now, then join Master Elliot again when he gets home?” suggested Mrs. Cooper.

Avery immediately shook her head and said, “He’s mad at me. It’s better for the both of us if we don’t have dinner together.”

Mrs. Cooper was at a loss for words.

How did Avery anger Elliot this time?

Elliot might not have the best temper, but as long as things went his way, he would never lose his cool for no good reason.

It was the end of the workday at Sterling Group, but Elliot was still in his office and he had no intention of leaving anytime soon.

He arrived at the office at five in the evening emanating an ominous and frightening aura.

Nobody dared speak to him, and he spoke to no one either.

He just continued to work from five to six thirty in the evening.

Chad phoned up Ben to ask for his help.

He did not dare leave before Elliot left.

Besides, Elliot’s awful mood made Chad jumpy.

Did he not go to a recital with Avery?

Why was he back at the office before the recital was over?

Did Avery ditch him, or did they fight at the recital?

Ben arrived soon after answering Chad’s call.

Chad explained the situation to Ben outside Elliot’s office door.

“I bet she p*ssed him off again,” Chad said. “I really want to meet Avery Tate. I think there’s something wrong with her. Of all the people she could mess with, she decides to pick on the boss every day.”

“Maybe this is her modus operandi,” Ben said. “Sometimes, going against the tide can lead to unexpected results. No one around Elliot would dare anger him. Don’t you think it’s refreshing for him to have someone around who drives him crazy?”

“Come on, nobody likes getting infuriated all the time,” Chad disagreed. “Unless Mr. Foster is some kind of m*******t.”

At that moment, the doors to the president’s office burst open and Elliot walked out.

Ben and Chad reacted quickly, and they immediately rushed to Elliot’s side to help him out.


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