When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 480

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Elliot stood in silence for a moment, then called Chad on the office intercom and asked who sent the magazine over.

“One of the employees from Tate Industries delivered it. They sent a total of twenty copies to us. I’ve asked the secretary to distribute a copy to each department head.”

“Have you seen it?” Elliot asked with a frown.

“Not yet. I was going to buy myself a copy after work today.”

“You can take mine!”

Moments later, Chad entered Elliot’s office.

When he saw the grim expression on his boss’s face, he instantly had a feeling that there was something wrong with the magazine.

He had only glanced at the magazine’s cover.

The photo of Avery was beautiful, so that could not be the problem.

The issue must have something to do with the contents of the interview.

“Should I take the magazine, Sir?” Chad asked.

“Take it away!” Elliot snapped.

His expression was icy, and his voice was even colder.

Chad picked up the magazine from the desk and then walked out of the room.

He flipped to the page of Avery’s interview and quickly read the title.

“What the h**l?!

“Avery Tate’s dream hunk was Eric Santos?” thought Chad.

Chad returned to his office, then called Mike to ask the meaning behind the interview.

“Wanda Tate was selling the whole ‘boss lady’ and ‘superwoman’ angle, and people were eating it up,” Mike said. “Avery accepted the magazine’s interview to increase our company’s exposure. What’s up?”

“So you used Eric Santos to hype things up?”

“That wasn’t our intention. The magazine decided to go in that direction. They need the sales!” Mike explained. “Besides, Eric Santos was the one who called Avery his goddess first—”

“How could Avery publicly announce that Eric Santos is her dream man? My boss is jealous!” Chad hissed under his breath. “You even sent a copy of the magazine to him. What were you thinking?”

Mike chuckled, then said, “That’s the vice president’s work. I told him to send copies of the magazine to our biggest clients. Why did he send them to you, too? You may be one of our biggest clients, but it’s obvious that we don’t need to keep up rapport with you!”

Mike’s words gave Chad a headache, so he hung up.

He picked up the magazine, then knocked on Elliot’s door once again and walked into his office.

“Sir, I just made a call and found out that Avery accepted the interview as a counter to Wanda Tate’s marketing plan. The contents and title of the interview were exaggerated for the purpose of entertainment. The magazine needed the sales, and Tate Industries needed Eric Santos for the hype.”

Chad’s explanation was rational and reasonable.

After a few seconds of silence, Elliot said calmly, “Give me the magazine.”

He only saw the title earlier and did not actually read the contents of the interview.

Chad immediately handed the magazine over to him.

“You can leave for now,” Elliot said, feeling a little embarrassed and humiliated.

After all, he was asking for the magazine only after less than ten minutes of demanding for it to be taken away.

Chad left the room in a flash.

Elliot flipped open the magazine and read through Avery’s interview.

When the interviewer asked her if Eric Santos was her dream hunk, Avery answered, “I guess so. I admire him very much.”

It was a straightforward answer that could not be taken out of context.

Elliot relaxed his furrowed brows. He began to admire the photo of Avery.

It was a lifestyle photo taken while she was abroad.

Her dazzling smile was brighter than the sun shining behind her.

Her eyes sparkled with a child-like aloofness.

Elliot’s heart could not help but race wildly for her!

At noon, Wanda returned home for lunch, and Zoe informed her of the news that Avery’s baby was safe.

“When she went back to work today, I thought the child was gone!” Wanda said indifferently.

“We need to get rid of that baby!” Zoe scowled. “I looked into it. Once the baby’s born, Elliot is the one who’s going to raise it! If we don’t get rid of the child, Elliot will continue to help Avery until she gives birth!”

Wanda gritted her teeth and said, “Why does Elliot care so much about his ex-wife?! Avery would do anything for the sake of money! Giving birth to a man’s child while not marrying him… If her father were still alive, he would have died from shame! It’s despicable!”

Zoe felt uneasy after hearing those words because she too was willing to give birth to Elliot’s child without marrying him.

Besides, Avery and her were not the only women who were willing to do that.