When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 481

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“Don’t even think about beating her if you can’t stop her from having the child!” Zoe said. She used her words to aggravate Wanda. “You can also forget about getting any investments from me after this!”

Wanda’s eyes lit up, and she said, “How much more money can you get from Elliot Foster?”

Zoe lifted her chin, then said confidently, “At least another one hundred and fifty-five million dollars.”

“Don’t worry!” Wanda said. “I won’t let the child she’s carrying see the light of day!”


When Avery returned home from work that evening, she noticed a car parked at the front gate.

“Is there a guest?” she wondered.

She parked her car, opened the door, and got out.

The two children and Shea walked out of the villa’s front door together.

“Mommy!” Layla called out.

Mike picked Layla up when she ran up to Avery.

“What’s Shea doing here?” Mike asked.

Shea approached them with a soft smile on her face.

“I’m going home, Avery!” she said, then left.

Avery glanced at Layla and asked, “When did Shea get here, Layla?”

“She was waiting at the front gate when Hayden and I got home from school,” Layla said with furrowed brows. “She told Hayden a secret, but she wouldn’t tell me about it.”

Hearing this, Avery turned to look at Hayden.

“A secret?

“What secret could there possibly be between Hayden and Shea?” she thought.

“Didn’t you say you were hungry, Avery? Let’s have dinner!” Mike said, then carried Layla into the house.

Hayden did not tell Avery the secret that Shea had shared with him, and neither did Avery ask him about it.

She should respect her son’s privacy.

The next day, the finals of the National Youth Programming Championships were being held at the city’s science museum.

Over sixty of the country’s child geniuses were competing.

Shea sat in the audience, and her eyes were fixed on Hayden.

She was the one who had entered Hayden into the competition, and she had also helped him get to the venue.

Her teacher had told her that the champion of this competition would be enrolled in the country’s top university as a student of the elite class for young prodigies.

Shea thought it was a great opportunity, so she had convinced Hayden into participating.

An hour and a half later, the judges unanimously granted Hayden a perfect score!

When the host announced that Hayden Tate was the champion, Shea’s heart pounded with excitement.

After the prize-giving ceremony, Shea rushed on stage with a bouquet of flowers.

“Hayden! I knew you were the best!” she exclaimed as she picked Hayden up and happily twirled around the stage.

“Put me down!” Hayden said with a pained expression on his face.

Shea released him, then turned to the host and said, “Can we go now? We need to go and celebrate!”

There were other winners standing on the side who were older than Hayden, but who had placed behind him.

They were extremely unhappy.

When they saw Shea holding Hayden’s hand, one of them shouted, “Isn’t that the crazy lady who ran off last year? The one that Elliot Foster spent millions looking for, remember?”

“Holy c**p! I think it is her!” cried another boy. “I was wondering how Hayden Tate managed to get straight to the finals and become the champion! It was all because of Elliot Foster! That’s some shady business!”

Everyone in the venue glared at Hayden. They mocked him with their eyes and shouted cruel things at him.

Hayden’s body stiffened as he felt a throbbing ache in his heart.

He did not use Elliot Foster to win the competition!

He did not!

With reddened eyes, he threw the trophy across the room!