When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 485

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 485

Avery finished tending to Elliot’s wound, then said coldly, “Put your clothes on.”

Elliot put on the t-shirt she gave him, then looked up at her and asked, “Can I ask my question now?”

“What is it?” Avery’s expression and tone were icy. “Hayden doesn’t like you. Don’t touch him again. If something like this ever happens again, just give me a call.”

Elliot’s mind went blank.

He really did bring all of this onto himself.

He picked up his torn shirt, stood up, and prepared to leave.

Avery suddenly felt anxious.

She took an involuntary step forward as she said, “What did you want to ask me?”

Elliot turned to look at her, then said, “Do you think Shea needs to continue her treatment? I’m worried it would end up taking a toll on her health if we keep going.”

“Isn’t Zoe Sanford Shea’s doctor?” The moment Avery mentioned Zoe’s name, her reason began to crumble. “Since you went to her and even paid her an exorbitant medical fee, you should just listen to her advice.”

Elliot did not expect his question to hit Avery right where it hurt.

“I won’t bother you with Shea’s illness ever again, Avery,” he said emotionlessly as his Adam’s apple bobbed in his throat.

However, Avery saw what looked like a hint of disappointment in his eyes.

“You should show some basic sincerity if you’re asking a genuine question,” Avery said as she met his gaze. “You might as well keep the truth from me forever! You didn’t tell me what was going on when I wanted to know about it, and now, that you want to tell me, I no longer want to know about it.”

Elliot tightly clenched his ripped shirt, then left in humiliation.

Avery no longer wanted to know about his relationship with Shea.

He was too foolish!

Back when he made his decision, he had ignorantly made one mistake after another.

He chose to hide the truth from Avery because of his d*mned pride!

Now, however, his pride was worth absolutely nothing to her!

Once Elliot was gone, Avery fell back into the couch.

She placed her hands on her flushed cheeks as every breath she took hurt her.

Mike and Hayden had stood by the stairs and watched the entire fight.

It was not actually a fight.

Elliot had not argued with Avery.

He had not made one wrong move ever since he found out she was pregnant.

What Avery was doing now was equivalent to a “counter-abuse”.

However, in the process of hurting Elliot, she was also hurting herself.

Hayden walked over to his mother and hugged her.

“I’m fine, Hayden,” Avery said as she composed herself and hugged him back. “Tell me when you go to a competition next time, okay? I’ll go and support you.”

Hayden nodded.

He the black Rolls-Roice drove out of the Starry River Villa. Elliot did go home.

His mind was in turmoil.

Hayden and Avery’s voices continued to ring in his head until the two voices were finally interwoven together and gave him a splitting headache.

Without realizing it, he had drove to the hospital where he had made Avery get an a******n all those years ago.

He went to the hospital’s director’s office, lit up his cigarette, and said, “Can you look up a******n records from five years ago?”

The director quickly nodded and said, “Of course. All I need is the patient’s name. I’ll get my staff to bring out their file right away!”

The cigarette trembled slightly between Elliot’s fingers, and ash fell onto his slender fingers.

His face was shrouded in a fog of smoke, making him look almost dream-like. He parted his thin lips and said Avery’s name.