When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 489

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How dangerous might it have been if Tammy had not been there when Elliot had passed out in front of Avery’s gate.

That evening, after much consideration, Avery decided to stop by the Foster mansion.

“I’ll drive you there,” Mike said as he walked out of the house with her.

Avery shook her head and said, “I’m going to see Shea. I’ll be back soon.”

“Drop the act! If you’re really going there for Shea, all you have to do is call her and ask her to meet you. She has a phone now, after all.”

Avery did not want to waste her time talking to him as he had mercilessly blown her cover.

“You don’t need to drive me. I’ll go there myself.”

“You’re insane! You’re pregnant right now! How could I let you drive alone this late at night? Elliot would k**l me if anything happened to you!” Mike argued. “How about this? I’ll drive you there, but I won’t go into the house with you.”

Avery opened the door to the driver’s seat of her car, got in, then closed the door.

She rolled down the window, then said, “It’s not dark out yet. Take the kids out for a walk. I’ll try to be back before it gets dark.”

Then, she drove away.

Mike placed his hands on his hips. He was upset.

On second thought, however, no matter how big of a b*st*rd Elliot Foster was, he was the man that Avery chose.

There were plenty of ways for her to rid herself of him.

Her lips were stubborn, but her body was brutally honest.

Elliot did not return to the Foster mansion the night before.

After receiving the news of him being admitted to the hospital, Mrs. Cooper could not bring herself to report what happened at home to him.

There was no way for her to inform him about it either.

Nobody had the courage to disturb Elliot while he was resting at the hospital.

Avery’s arrival surprised Mrs. Cooper.

“What are you doing here, Avery? You should’ve told me you were coming,” Mrs. Cooper said with a forced smile. “Have you had dinner? I’ll whip something up for you.”

“I already ate,” Avery said. “I’m here to see Shea.”

The smile on Mrs. Cooper’s face completely vanished.

After the bodyguard sent Shea home last night, she woke up from a nightmare and spent the whole night crying.

She caught a fever in the morning, so they called for the family doctor to come and see her.

Her fever subsided, but she was still barely conscious, and she was babbling to herself.

Both Mrs. Scarlet and Mrs. Cooper were nervous wrecks.

They did not dare contact Zoe Sanford without Elliot’s orders.

They knew that Elliot was always trying to rid himself of Zoe.

Besides, Zoe’s medical fees were exorbitant— with each surgery costing a hundred and fifty-five million dollars. No one had the guts to contact her without Elliot’s permission.

“What’s wrong? Isn’t Shea at home?” Avery asked when she saw the strange expression on Mrs. Cooper’s face.

Mrs. Cooper pulled Avery’s arm and led her to Shea’s room.

“She got sick last night and hasn’t settled down until now,” Mrs. Cooper said in distress. “The bodyguard said she suffered some kind of trigger while she was out yesterday. She was recovering just fine, but I suppose she still can’t just leave the house on a whim.”

Avery frowned as she listened to Mrs. Cooper’s words.

She had come by to thank Shea.

When Hayden had come home from his trial run at Central University’s elite class that evening, he had told her he wanted to continue studying there.

Avery could feel that Hayden was very satisfied with the elite class.

If Shea had not taken Hayden to the programming competition, he might still be attending Starry River Kindergarten and living the life of an average child.

She never realized that her son was a genius.

Shea was the one who changed everything.

Just as Avery was about to enter Shea’s room, the bodyguard ran upstairs and said, “Miss Sanford is here! She said the boss asked her to come and see Miss Shea!”