When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 493

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 493

“Hey, Elliot. Did you take Shea to the hospital for her checkup already? Didn’t we agree to go together?” Zoe said disconcertedly.

She had driven to the Foster mansion, but Mrs. Cooper told her that Elliot had already left the house with Shea.

Elliot watched the bustling hospital entrance, then said plainly, “The results were fine.

“I see. That’s good. I’m already preparing a third treatment plan for Shea,” Zoe said enthusiastically. “I have a new idea. If everything goes well, we should be able to proceed with her third surgery later in the year.”

“Can you guarantee that a third surgery would guarantee that she will have a normal life?”

Zoe was stunned.

Even a miracle worker would not be able to guarantee they could successfully cure a patient.

“I’m not a hundred percent certain, but I think—”

“In that case, let’s just stop!” Elliot said coldly. “Come to me again once you can absolutely guarantee that Shea will be normal.”

Zoe was shocked by his words.

“Elliot… Are you saying you want to stop Shea’s treatment? Or perhaps… Have you found a better doctor?” she asked with a slight tremor in her voice.

Never in her wildest dreams did she expect Elliot to make such a decision.

Could he have found out that she was not the one who had operated on Shea?

However, if he knew about that, he would not have called her to check on Shea last night!

“That’s not it,” Elliot said as all the warmth vanished from his voice. “Zoe, you could have used money that I gave you for Shea’s treatment to get anything you want, but instead, you invested it in Wanda Tate.”

Avery’s resentment toward him stemmed not purely because he had given up on their relationship in the past for the sake of his secret, but she also resented him because of his connection with Zoe and Wanda.

Elliot had thought about it a lot when he had spent the night in Shea’s room.

The more he thought about it, the more he understood Avery’s suffering.

It was true that everyone had their own hardships to endure. He could not undo his past mistakes, but he wanted to do his best to not repeat those mistakes.

After hearing Elliot’s explanation, Zoe sobbed silently.

“I’m sorry, Elliot… I didn’t know how much you still loved Avery Tate.”

“You knew,” Elliot said, exposing her lies.

Zoe did not expect him to be this blunt!

“There’s no need for us to contact each other again, Zoe.”

Elliot used his most neutral tone to say the most b****l words.

Zoe wanted to let out a bitter chuckle, but there was no laughter left inside of her.

She had just told Wanda a few days ago that she was still able to get at least a hundred and fifty-five million dollars out of Elliot.

Was life punishing her for her greed?

However, had Elliot not forced her to do all of this?

If he had shown her even an ounce of affection, she would not want a penny from him.

The sound of the call ending rang through Zoe’s ears.

Elliot had hung up.

Zoe burst into tears as she felt her world crumble around her.

Elliot did not need her anymore!

She had nothing left.

She made her way home in a daze.

It was not until she got to the front door that she realized she had arrived at Wanda and her father’s place.

“What’s wrong, Zoe?”

Of all the coincidences in the world, Wanda just happened to be home that day.

“Ha! Elliot already decided to stand on Avery Tate’s side!” Zoe had placed all of her bets on Wanda. “If you don’t deal with her now, you’ll lose all hope once that baby’s born.”

Wanda’s face turned solemn.

“Is it that bad?”

“It is! He told me himself that he wanted to cut all ties with me because of Avery Tate! As much as he cares about Shea, he’s willing to stop her treatment for Avery’s sake!” Zoe said as her eyes filled with tears once again. “I lost!”

Wanda handed her some tissues, then said, “Don’t cry. I’ve come up with a solid plan, but I’m going to need your help.”

This time, Zoe did not ask for details before agreeing right away.

“As long as I can make Avery Tate suffer, I’ll do anything!”