When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 500

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 500

In the living room, Layla buried her head in Mike’s embrace and cried, “Elliot Foster didn’t show up. We waited for him for so long… We only found out he wasn’t coming when Mommy called him… Mommy took us somewhere else to eat instead.”

Mike hugged Layle tightly as he patted her back and said, “Don’t be upset. It’s all his fault! Let’s never eat with him again!”

Streams of tears rolled down Layla’s cheeks as she said, “Yeah! I never want to eat with him again! I won’t let Mommy eat with him ever again either!”

“That’s right! Don’t cry, sweetie. If your Mommy sees how sad you are, her heart will break,” said Mike as he silently cursed Elliot!

All the other children were having a happy Children’s Day, but their sweet babies were sifting at home all depressed.

“That b*st*rd!” he thought.

Elliot might think he had just stood them up once, but he had no idea how much he had hurt the children.

Mike wanted to take them out to ease their minds, but both children shook their heads.

After playing with them for a while, Mike took the children up for their bath.

Layla was the one who was the toughest to get into bed, but today, she climbed quietly into bed after her shower and tucked herself in.

Mike turned off the lights in their room, then walked out.

He glanced over at Avery’s room.

She was probably still awake.

He wanted to go in and comfort her.

After all, she was a pregnant woman and was, therefore, governed by her hormones.

“What if she takes things to heart?” worried Mike.

Mike walked over to Avery’s room, knocked lightly on the door, and pushed it open.

The room was shrouded in darkness.

As the light from the hallway shone in, he could see Avery lying on her side of the bed. It looked like she was asleep.

She did not usually go to bed this early.

However, even if she was pretending to be asleep, Mike did not want to bother her.

He closed the door and returned to his own room.

Chad had sent him several messages asking about Avery’s condition.

Reading the text messages made Mike feel even more frustrated.

Mike: [Did your boss tell you to ask about her? Can he really call himself a man? Ask him to come and see for himself if he can!]

Chad: [Can you talk right now?]

Mike: [I don’t feel like talking! I can’t f*cking figure out what awful luck Avery ran into to know such a sc*mbag!]

Chad called, and Mike answered.

“Take a look outside… I have a feeling my boss is there,” Chad said in a relatively calm voice. “His bodyguard said that there was a crash on the way back to the city earlier, so there was traffic. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been late.”

“Is this only about him being late?” Mike said sarcastically. “He told me everything, and it has something to do with Zoe Sanford.”

“He had already broken up with her, and tonight, he has cut all ties to her!” Chad said resolutely. “He isn’t going to let Zoe treat Shea anymore. I didn’t tell you about this because I thought it was something that he should do.”

Mike’s rage went down a notch.

“Zoe called him today under the premise of introducing him to some doctor… Mr. Foster may not want Zoe to be in charge of Shea’s treatment anymore, but if there’s any chance of curing Shea, he would still go for it!” Chad began to plead, “Please go check outside. If he is really there, can you please open the door for him?”

Mike put his foot down and said, “I can’t promise you that. Avery and the kids are already asleep.

As he spoke, he looked out the window.

Sure enough, Elliot’s luxury sedan was parked right outside the front gate.

Elliot was standing in front of the gate. He did not make a sound nor did he move a muscle. His deep-set eyes were fixed in the direction of Avery’s room as he stood as still as a statue.

If what Chad said earlier was true, then Elliot was not completely unforgivable.

Of course, this was merely Mike’s own opinion.

Mike would not interfere when it comes to Avery’s decision on whether to forgive him or not.

He opened the front door, then walked toward the front gate.

When Elliot saw Mike approaching, he instantly turned from a statue to a living man of flesh and blood.

Mike stopped in front of Elliot, then said through the gate, “You should go! Avery and the kids are asleep. You can save your apologies and explanations for tomorrow.”