When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 501

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 501

After listening to Mike, Elliot turned and left.

Once Elliot’s car sped off, Mike finally let out a heavy sigh.

Shea arrived at Avery’s house the next morning accompanied by Mrs. Scarlet.

The children were in the middle of breakfast when they saw Shea walk in. They blinked a couple of times, but they did not say anything, and neither did they leave the dining room.

Mike flashed a smile at Shea and said, “What brings you here this early?”

He thought that it was Elliot who had arrived!

“I came to apologize to Avery, Layla, and Hayden,” Shea said in a clear, determined voice. “It was wrong of my brother and me to be late last night.”

“You don’t need to apologize, Shea. The one who should be apologizing is your brother,” Mike said as he walked over with a glass of milk in his hand.

“Big Brother will come over to apologize later,” Shea said as her cheeks turned pink. “I couldn’t wait, so I came here first.”

Mike chuckled, then said, “This has nothing to do with you. You don’t need to apologize, nor do you need to feel bad.”

Shea did not agree with him.

“My brother took me to meet a new doctor yesterday. The doctor was staying somewhere really far, and we drove for a long time before we got there… If it weren’t for me, Big Brother wouldn’t have been late.”

At this point, Layla walked out of the dining room.

“Is that true, Shea?”

Layla’s eyes were still swollen from all the crying she had done the night before.

Shea nodded furiously and said, “It’s the truth!”

Hayden finished his breakfast and walked past the living room. He picked up his backpack and prepared to leave for school.

Shea saw him, then hurried over to him and said, “I’m sorry, Hayden! I really didn’t mean to be late last night.”

Hayden was not upset with Shea.

He shook off Shea’s hand, then said coldly, “I’m going to school.”

Shea released him, pulled out a little box from her bag, and shoved it into Hayden’s arms.

“This is your Children’s Day present! Please accept it.”

Mike was worried that Hayden would refuse, so he strode over to him and pushed him out the door.

“We have to leave now or we’ll be late!”

Once Mike and Hayden were gone, Layla ran back to her room and emerged with the gift she had gotten Shea.

Shea was ecstatic to receive her present.

At the same time, she pulled out Layla’s gift.

She had bought a newly released hair clip for Layla.

Layla was so happy that she forgot all about the sadness of the previous night.

“The truth is I really like you, Shea. I like all the presents you give me,” Layla said as she led Shea over to the couch to sit down. “I don’t like Elliot Foster… I’m still very angry at him. He broke my Mommy’s heart, and hurt Hayden and me too…”

Outside the front gate, a black Rolls-Roice came to a halt.

Elliot emerged from the car.

“My brother’s here!” Shea cried out excitedly when she saw Elliot. “He’s here to apologize to you Layla— and everybody else!”

Layla’s cheeks flushed a crimson red. She was so nervous she wanted to hide, but there was nowhere for her to hide.

Mike had sent Hayden to school, and her mother was not at home…

“I have to take Layla to school now, Mr. Foster,” said Avery’s bodyguard. “Please take Miss Shea home. I need to lock the doors.”

A look of surprise flashed across Elliot’s face.

“Where’s Avery?”

“She went out to attend to some business,” replied the bodyguard.

Elliot’s eyes darkened.

“What business does she have to deal with this early in the morning?

“Where did she run off to?” he wondered.