When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 502

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 502

Shea and Layla walked out of the living room to the villa’s front door.

Elliot glanced at them and then approached them. His strides were long, and he reached them quickly.

“Layla has to go to school now, Shea. I’ll take you home,” he said when he reached Shea.

Shea nodded, then said softly, “I’ve already apologized to Layla, Big Brother. You should too.”

Layla was looking down, but her lips were protruding in an adorable pout.

Elliot crouched down, then gazed at Layla’s face that was the spitting image of Avery and said gently, “I’m sorry, Layla. Not only was I late last night, I even made you sad. I’d like to explain everything to your mother.”

At this point, he asked, “Do you know where your mother went?”

When Elliot had asked the bodyguard regarding Avery’s whereabouts, he had kept his lips sealed and refused to reveal her location.

As Layla looked closely at Elliot’s face, the nervousness that she felt slowly dissipated.

He may be a dirtbag, but he was also very handsome.

“Of course, I know where Mommy went,” Layla said confidently as she lifted her head to look at him. “I have to go to school now, so I can’t talk to you anymore. I won’t be late like you!”

Her double entendre left Elliot feeling embarrassed and helpless.

Layla clenched her tiny fists and basked in her glory.

In truth, she had no idea where her mother was. Avery was already gone by the time she woke up.

She tempted Elliot on purpose as a form of minor punishment.

The bodyguard walked over with Layla’s backpack and lifted her up with one arm.

Elliot stood up and glanced at Shea and said, “Let’s go home.”

Shea nodded regretfully.

As he drove out of the Starry River neighborhood, Elliot dialed Mike’s number.

Mike answered the call very quickly.

“Where did Avery go, Mike? Don’t tell me she’s back at the office.”

Elliot decided to send Shea home, then go and look for Avery.

He needed to know Avery’s whereabouts as soon as possible.

So long as he had not explained the situation to her, he would not be able to rest.

Mike had just dropped Hayden off at school.

He was standing in the school’s parking lot under the warm morning sun.

“Call her yourself!” he said lazily. “Did she block your number again? Ha… I can’t reveal her location without her permission. I won’t have a place to live if she blames me.”

Elliot frowned at Mike’s spiteful behavior.

“My company recently decided to expand into the international market. I’m thinking of sending Chad abroad to do some recon work. What do you think?”

Mike was speechless.

“How absurd!

“Elliot Foster is a f*cking b*st*rd!” he thought.

Elliot was actually using Chad to threaten Mike!

“You won’t be able to see Avery even if you threaten me!” Mike took a deep breath, then said coldly, “She may not have gone to the office, but she’s working! She went on a business trip. Her flight took off this morning.”

“Which city did she go to?” Elliot asked with furrowed brows.

Avery should not be doing any strenuous work while she was three months pregnant.

“Did she decide to go on a business trip this morning because of what happened last night?” thought Elliot.

She was not an unreasonable person. She would not go on a business trip during this period if she had any rationality left.

“She went to Zirconia,” Mike said, giving in.

Mike had given in not because Elliot had threatened to relocate Chad. He had given in because he knew that even if he gave Elliot the address, Elliot would not be able to go to where Avery was.

“Zirconia City?” Elliot’s heart tightened in his chest and he felt breathless. “Why did she go somewhere that far? Even if there’s a customer there, she doesn’t need to go there personally! What were you thinking?! How could you let her go there alone?!”

Mike was not upset at all about being scolded.

“I told her the same thing this morning. I said I’d go with her and look after her, but she wanted me to stay home and watch the kids!” Mike gritted his teeth, then snapped, “She’s always telling me to watch the kids! It’s as if my dignity as a man is nonexistent!”

After a moment’s consideration, Elliot said, “Send me her itinerary and the location of the hotel she’s staying in. I’ll get Chad to go and help you out.”