When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 503

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 503

Mike tried to hold back his glee as he said, “It’s a deal!”

“Alright,” Elliot responded.

“Our client this time is the Border Security Force. As for accommodation, Avery’s staying at the base itself,” Mike said as he broke into a maniacal cackle. “I told you that you can’t get in there. They won’t just let you into their base.”

Elliot gritted his teeth, then hung up.

Zirconia City was located at the country’s border. It was a four hour flight from here to there.

He did not know what time Avery’s flight was, but he knew that she would not have arrived yet.

At most, her plane would have just landed in Zirconia.

The place Avery had gone to was rather unusual and not dangerous, and so, he was not worried about her.

He would wait for her to return from her business trip to explain things to her.

If he were to show up at Zirconia in his haste and interfered with her work, she might even get more upset with him.

Once Elliot had dropped Shea home, he made his way to his office.

Not long after he arrived, his secretary walked in and said, “Miss Zoe Sanford is downstairs, Mr. Foster. She said she’s here to apologize to you.”

“Add her to the black list and never let her set foot into the company again!” Elliot snapped coldly without hesitation.

“Yes, Sir!”

Zoe’s self-esteem took a huge blow after she was kicked out of the Sterling Group building.

Even before she had met Elliot, she was considered to be an outstanding lady of some status.

She could not believe that Elliot would treat her this way.

It was a good thing that the child she was pregnant with before was not his. Otherwise, she would lose her mind if he treated her this way.

Zoe got into her car, pulled out her phone, and called Cole Foster.

“Cole, go on vacation abroad with me.”

“What’s wrong? Did my uncle upset you again?” Cole asked.

“Ha! I wish he cared about me enough to do that. He won’t even see me now,” Zoe said with a bitter laugh. “Won’t you come cheer me up?”

“Let me settle some work I have on hand… Didn’t you say you had given up on him? Why did you go looking for him again?”

“I gave up on him a long time ago. I just didn’t expect him to take away my chance to earn more money!”

“I see. You already made three hundred million. That’s already a lot,” Cole said, then asked, “Where do you want to go?”


“What’s so fun about Bridgedale? Didn’t you live there for years? Let’s go somewhere else!”

A sinister grin appeared on Zoe’s face as she said, “You don’t really think I’m going just for fun, do you? There’s something important I need to do in Bridgedale.”

“Something important?” Cole was confused. “Didn’t you decide to settle down here in Aryadelle? What important thing do you have left to do there?”

“I’ll tell you when I see you.”

At noon, Ben walked into the president’s office at Sterling Group.

“Let’s go out for lunch, Elliot!”

Elliot finished up the last bit of his work, then shut his laptop.

“You go ahead! I’m going to the airport.”

In the end, he had decided to go to Zirconia in search of Avery.

Even if she found him annoying, he still had to explain things to her— face to face!

“Oh? Are you going to look for Avery?” Ben teased. “I knew you’d go to her. She’s pregnant with your child, after all. How could you not cheer her up? Haha!”

Then, Ben pulled out an envelope and handed it over to Elliot.

It was a ticket for that afternoon’s first flight out to Zirconia.

Elliot took the ticket from Ben.

His hawk-like eyes were like deep, vast globes and he said, “Even if she wasn’t carrying my child, I would still go to her.”