When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 506

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 506

Minefield was self-explanatory. There were landmines buried in those woods. If one were to accidentally step on one, they would be blown to pieces.

Thus, Sean’s words carried a double meaning: was he willing to enter the dark woods to look for her, and was he willing to d*e for her.

Elliot looked toward the dark forest.

He had made his decision in a matter of seconds. He strode into the forest.

Avery was feeling antsy as she waited in Sean’s house. Sean had said that he would help her test Elliot.

Half an hour had passed. “Why are they not done yet?” she wondered. She did not know what Sean was doing.

Elliot had a strange temperament. “Would there be friction between them?” she wondered.

Emily stared at Avery. She noticed that Avery’s brows had been tightly knit with worry the entire time she had been here. ” Don’t worry Miss Tate. Sean always does things within reason. He would surely bring him here later,” said Emily in an attempt to comfort Avery.

Avery nodded. “It gets dark quite early here.”

“Yes. The weather here is quite different from Aryadelle,” Emily said and changed the topic, “The child in you is his, isn’t it?”

Avery was a little stunned.

“Naha! You’re so worried for him, I saw through you immediately.” Emily held Avery’s hand and said, “If he came all the way here because of you, he still cares for you. In any case, Sean’s tactics tend to be more intimidating than the regular ones, so I’m a little more wore worried that he might not be able to withstand that. If it does not go well, it does not mean that he does not love you. It could just mean that he has a little more self-preservation.”

When Avery heard what Emily said, she immediately jumped up from the sofa. She thought back to the time when Elliot had abducted her and taken her to the mansion in the woods. She remembered when she had been so terrified by his men that she had run into a wall.

Avery did not want such terrifying things to repeat themselves again! Whether it was to her or Elliot, she did not want such things happening to them!

Avery furrowed her brows and strode outside.

“Miss Tate, wait up! I’ll go with you! I roughly know where they are.” Emily was afraid that something might happen to Avery. She immediately chased after Avery.

Outside the forest, Sean was discussing having a discussion with Hunter. They were discussing whether they should accept the donation or not. Elliot’s would be donating a considerable amount of money.

“Since you want to accept his donations, why are you making things difficult for him?” Hunter asked.

“How is this making things difficult? This is not a minefield. I’m just scaring him.” Sean crossed his arms over his chest. “Didn’t you see how troubled Miss Tate looked just now! That man has done something bad to her. I’m just helping Miss Tate out!”

“They’re a couple. They fight. Why are you worrying about them for nothing?”

“What do you mean by worrying for nothing? Once they are here. It is our matter—”

“Hahaha! Be careful! Don’t end up aggravating him or he might decide not to make the donation!”

“Even if he does not make a donation, it’s not like we are starved for money. We’ll be fine! Furthermore, Miss Tate is selling the drones to us at production cost.”

“Then, we should accept Elliot’s donation! We shouldn’t let Miss Tate charge production cost. We should allow her to profit from Elliot.”


They chatted in delight failing to notice Avery’s and Emily’s approach.

“Miss Tate, do you see the forest in front of you? The minefield sign is a fake. The forest isn’t a minefield,” Emily said. “Elliot should be inside!”

When Avery heard what Emily said, she immediately walked into the forest. Before Sean and Hunter could react Avery had already entered the forest.

The sky was completely dark. Avery switched on the torchlight on her phone and quickly headed deeper into the forest.


After five or six minutes of yelling out his name, all she could hear is her voice reverberating through the forest.