When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 507

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 507

Suddenly, she saw a ray of light

When she saw the light, her tensed heart relaxed instantly.

“Avery!” Elliot yelled out her name even louder than when she had yelled out his name.

Hearing his familiar voice, Avery felt a b**n in her nose and eyes.

“Avery, don’t move! You’re in a minefield!” Elliot had seen the light from her phone. He reminded her of the fact that they were in danger after he had made sure that it was her.

Avery began to cry. If this was truly a minefield, would Sean have allowed him to risk himself? Did he leave his brain at home that day? Furthermore, if this was truly a minefield, she would not have entered to begin with!

If she remembered correctly, Elliot was a smart man, yet why was he behaving so foolishly at the moment?

“We’re not in a minefield!” croaked Avery. “Come here quickly!”

Upon hearing Avery’s words, Elliot immediately ran toward her. Avery’s vision was blurry from the tears. She only saw the light getting brighter as he ran toward her. She seemed to be able to feel the heat of his breath.

Avery raised her hand and quickly wiped away her tears.

A moment later, he was in front of her.

“Avery, they said that you were lost. You didn’t get lost, did you?” Elliot’s breathing was rather heavy. He grabbed her shoulders tightly.

“I’m not a three-year-old child. How could I have gotten lost?” She shrugged his hands away and looked at him. “Since when did you become so gullible?”

“I’m here to apologize.” Elliot did not care that he had been tricked. All he cared about was that he got to see her. “Avery, did you come here because you were trying to avoid me?”

His gaze b****d into her.

Though there was barely any light, he could see the tears that stained her face.

“You know why I’m here, so why did you come?” She looked down, not daring to meet his eyes. She was afraid that the moment she saw his face, all her principles and determination would vanish.

“Mike said that you came alone. I was worried.” His palms slowly slid down her arms until he held her hands tightly. “Let’s get out first.”

Elliot picked her up in his arms!

Avery was stunned. Then, she punched his shoulder. “Let me down! I can walk!”

“It’s hard to walk here. What if you fall?” He looked at the pathway that lay before him. Every step he took was stable and firm.

Avery was silent. No matter what feud or resentment she had, it could be settled after they left the forest.

Five minutes later, they emerged from the forest. She squirmed and got down from his arms.

Her expression was dark as she walked back to her quarters in silence.

Elliot followed her calmly.

“Why are you following me?” said Avery as she looked over her shoulder. “Aren’t you here to make a donation?”

She could see his handsome face in the dim light of dusk.

“I came here to find you.” His tone was firm. “That day, I had taken Shea to see a doctor called Frederick Lock. Zoe introduced him to me. She said that he could cure Shea.”

Avery took a deep breath. Her eyes were red. “Frederick Lock can’t cure Shea! Stop getting tricked!”

Elliot’s lips hardened into a thin line. He said nothing. “Stop getting tricked. Did that mean that Zoe has tricked me before?” he wondered.

“What happened? Continue!” Avery gritted her teeth and pushed his chest.

“At four thirty in the afternoon, we were about to head back, and Zoe asked for a ride back,” said Elliot. He was being absolutely honest.

“So, you gave her a ride?” Avery sneered. Tears fell from her eyes. “You gave her a ride just because she asked you to. You’re so obedient. Do you still have feelings for her?!”