When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 509

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 509

“I met him.” Avery picked up her phone and quickly changed the topic. “Where are Hayden and Layla?”

Mike looked sad. He sighed. “They won’t be able to talk to you tonight. Hayden cried today.”

In the washroom, Elliot had clearly heard what Mike said.

“Why did Hayden cry?” he wondered.

Elliot walked out of the washroom. He looked at Avery with darkened eyes. Avery did not have the time to deal with him at that moment. She was even more stunned than he was.

Hayden was a child who rarely showed any emotions. He was so calm and often did not act like a child.

“What happened to him? Did he get bullied in school? Did you look for his teacher?” Avery said quickly. She wanted to return home and comfort her son.

“They had a pop quiz today. Someone scored higher than him. He could not take it.” Mike shrugged. “He can’t accept that there are people smarter than him.”

Avery sighed in relief, but she still felt bad.

Hayden had always been living in his own world. In his world, he was the best.

“He is the youngest in his class. It’s acceptable that he is not as good as someone else, but he refused to listen. The more I comforted him, the sadder he became.” Mike thought back to the situation that night. His head hurt. “This is the first time I saw him losing it!”

“I’ll head back tomorrow,” Avery said.

“Hmm. I suspect that Wanda has planted a mole in our company. When you left on your business trip to the Border Security Force today, coincidentally she left for the slums on her business trip! She even took a team of photographers with her. Hahaha!” Mike’s laughter rang out throughout the entire room.

Upon hearing Wanda’s name, Avery lost in talking to him. She looked at Elliot, who standing by the washroom door, from the corner of her eyes and said to Mike, “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Hmm. Send me your flight details once you book your flight. I’ll pick you up from the airport tomorrow.”


After hanging up, Avery began searching for a flight that left the next day.

Elliot carried a basin of hot water and placed it by her feet.

“Are you booking flight tickets?” He looked at the screen of her phone. “Book one for me too. We’ll go back together.”

Avery glanced at him coldly. “Can’t you do that yourself?”

“My phone ran out of battery.” Elliot bent down in front of her. He grabbed her foot with his slender fingers.

Avery was stunned. She immediately pulled her foot back. “Elliot, what are you doing!”

Elliot grabbed her foot tightly and took her socks off. He looked at her. “Book a flight ticket for me.”

His eyes clearly told her that he was going to wash her feet as she booked their flight.

Avery had goosebumps.

“Let go of my feet! I’ll book one for you!” His hand was wrapped tightly around her foot. She felt warm.

Elliot placed her foot in the basin. He did not let her go.

Avery was a little annoyed. She was not used to him being so sappy. “Where the h**l did you learn this from?”

“Let me stay here tonight,” Elliot demanded hoarsely. “I’m worried about you staying alone. If you’re not willing to share the bed with me, I’ll sleep on the table.”

Avery was speechless. He stared at her with his dark onyx eyes. Her mind was a mess.

Her lips moved. She wanted to say something when a rumble came from outside the window. It started pouring!

Rain pelted her window. The sound was deafening.

Avery furrowed her brows.

She wondered whether the flights the next day would be canceled because of the heavy rain.

What really ruined her mood, however, was the fact that she would be unable to refuse Elliot’s request.