When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 51

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 51

Avery felt suffocated under Elliot’s fiery yet solemn gaze.

“Are you talking about leaving the recital early today?” Avery began to explain after a moment’s hesitation. “My friend texted me saying that she wanted to take a photo with you after the show. I figured that you wouldn’t like taking photos with strangers, and I didn’t want to explain to her why we were there together.”

“Why not?” Elliot asked, his voice as cold as ice.

“It wouldn’t exactly be a quick conversation, would it? Besides, you and I are too different from each other. Not only in status but also… in age. Would you be willing to hang out with my friends? We can be pretty immature… Wouldn’t it be annoying if they bothered you because of our relationship? Wouldn’t you rather have one less thing to have to worry about?”

In truth, the true reason why she did not want him to meet her friend was because they could get a divorce at any moment. There was no guarantee that they were going to spend the rest of their lives together.

If Avery revealed her relationship with Elliot to her friend, and they got divorced the next day… How humiliating would that be?

It would be better to wait until everything was settled.

Avery’s detailed and patient response calmed Elliot down quite a bit.

Her concern was not unreasonable.

He had no interest in any of her friends.

Apart from Avery, he had no intention of getting to know anyone younger or more immature than he was.

“You should go back to your room,” Elliot said through thin lips.

Avery let out a sigh of relief as if she had just received a great pardon.

She peeled a banana, then stubbornly shoved it in his face.

“I got some bananas today. They’re my favorite. I think they taste better than normal bananas. Try it,” Avery urged with a look of anticipation on her face.

Seeing the bruised skin on the banana made Elliot hesitate, but he did not have the heart to turn her down.

He took the banana from her hand and took a bite.

It tasted a little sour at first, but sweetness slowly filled his mouth as he continued to chew on it

On the whole, it was sweet, sour, and starchy, and very different from the average banana.

“Don’t judge it by its bruised skin. It’s completely fine on the inside,” Avery said with a sparkle in her eyes, then added, “Thank you for taking me to the recital today. We didn’t get to stay until the end, but I still wanted to thank you.”

She hurriedly finished her sentence, then rushed back to her room before she could get a response and shut the door.

Elliot was puzzled.

Was this her so-called gratitude?

He might have felt her sincerity, but she could have at least waited until he finished eating before running off!

It was in the late morning the next day that Mrs. Cooper noticed that Avery had not come down for breakfast, and Elliot was stubbornly waiting in the living room.

He did not say what he was waiting for, but Mrs. Cooper guessed that he wanted to have breakfast with Avery.

When Mrs. Cooper knocked on Avery’s door and did not receive a response, she opened the door and walked in.

After taking in the scene in the room, she quickly entered the living room and announced, “Madam Avery is hunched over asleep on her desk. I think she stayed up all night. Maybe you should go ahead and have breakfast without her, Master Elliot.”

Before she could finish her sentence, Elliot had already gotten up from the sofa and was making his way toward Avery’s bedroom.

He picked Avery up from the chair and lay her down on the bed.

She was in such deep sleep that she had not stirred despite the movement.

It must not have been long since she had fallen asleep.

Why was she going this far for her thesis?

Elliot shifted his gaze to the laptop on the desk.

It was from a brand that had already gone south, and the model was at least a few years old.

It was no wonder that it had shut down before, and she was forced to use the computer in his study.

He walked over to her desk and noticed that the laptop’s screen was a little blurry, so he hit the power button.

The screen lit up moments later, revealing a home screen with only a few icons on it.

There was Avery’s thesis and a file named “The Plan”, which Elliot opened up without hesitation.

The document’s title was bolded and in all caps, making it stand out greatly.

The title was “Three-Month Divorce Plan”!


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